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DIY/Why Not: When to DIY and When to Call the Pros

October 18, 2023 at 1:00 AM PST

DIY/Why Not: When to DIY and When to Call the Pros

October 18, 2023 at 1:00 AM PST

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To Do-It-Yourself or not Do-It-Yourself? That is the question. And with good reason, DIY has become a way for homeowners to translate their vision into reality. It’s a form of empowerment, from crafting unique decor pieces to taking on minor home renovations. If you can imagine it, why not create it?

However, there is another side to DIY—it’s essential to recognize that not all projects are meant for you to tackle on your own. Whether it’s due to the complexity, the requirement of specialized skills, or the scale of the task, sometimes calling a professional is necessary. Professionals bring in expertise and efficiency and can save homeowners from costly mistakes.

But how do you decide between embarking on a DIY project or picking up the phone to call an expert? We’ve got you covered with our DIY/Why Not series.

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What is DIY/Why Not

At its core, DIY/Why Not isn’t just about DIY projects. It’s about understanding the ‘why’ behind the choice. Why should one take on a specific home project, and conversely, why not? We’re here to guide that decision-making process. Through this series, we blend the experiences and insights of influencers and professionals in the world of home decor and design. The goal? To provide a comprehensive view of which projects are worth your personal touch and which ones will benefit from a professional’s expertise.

What You Can Expect

As you venture through our DIY/Why Not series, you’ll discover content like outdoor projects you can DIY and Black DIY content creators to follow. You’ll also get to hear straight from DIY influencers like Lauren Comer from @pinchplateparty on how they accomplish DIY projects in their home. In one of our latest pieces, Comer walks us through installing a wet bar in her basement. We got to witness her thought process and see the finished product come together so beautifully.

DIY/Why Not Clarifies, Educates, and Inspires

In the world of home decor and design, the line between DIY and professional work can sometimes blur. With DIY/Why Not, we aim to clarify, educate, and inspire. Whether you’re an avid DIY enthusiast or someone seeking professional guidance, this series promises to be your compass in the ever-evolving landscape of home projects. Join us on this journey of discovery and creation.


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