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Office Office Decor

Time for a Home Office Refresh? These Are the Decor Tips You Need

October 6, 2023 at 6:04 PM PST
Office Office Decor

Time for a Home Office Refresh? These Are the Decor Tips You Need

October 6, 2023 at 6:04 PM PST

By this time, you’ve familiarized yourself with WFH life, and let’s be honest—you love it there. You’ve mastered the art of Zoom etiquette, spent tons on lounge sets, and managed a work-life balance that is just right. If you’ve anticipated working from home long term, you probably have a designated work area, and now is the perfect time for a refresh.

If you didn’t already know, your office design is directly correlated to your productivity, and there are key areas of your home office that will elevate productivity more than others. For example, a bright, airy space is often ideal, which is why an office space is normally in an area with natural lighting. Other design areas to focus on include room color, comfort, and clutter. However, no matter where you work, the goal remains the same: Get your work done. Here are a few items that can help you do just that.

Essential Decor Items for Your Home Office

Functional and Adjustable Desk

The basis of your office decor is your desk. The functionality, size, and features are all important because you want a desk that is customizable to you and your needs. It’s easy to carry your laptop to your living room or bedroom and use your lap to complete your work, and let’s be honest, it’s sometimes the most preferable thing to do. But having a designated desk for working at home is key and will pay off in the long run for your mind and body.

If you sit all day long, consider a desk that is adjustable, allowing you to raise it when you need to stretch your legs or lower it when you need a break. Make sure that it’s practical for you.

Ergonomic Chair for Perfect Posture

It’s important to take care of your posture, especially if you sit all day long. While you may be comfortable lying on the bed or couch with your back curled, it’s not doing you any good. Invest in a chair that is high-quality and prioritizes back support and posture, like an ergonomic chair. Comfortability and support will be your best friend.

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Cute and Small Trinkets That Keep You Inspired

A part of what makes your workspace enjoyable is the fun, meaningful, and personable items you add. No one wants a desk with boring color and all the “right” essential items in place. Have a little fun. Add a checkered mouse pad or a 70s-inspired colored rug. Add small plants, a desk pad, and a pencil holder, hang artwork above your desk that inspires you, and complete your design with a comfy rug. Make sure it all makes sense to you.

Organizers for Storage

If your job requires a lot of paperwork, pens, folders, and more, think about organizers. Organizers will help you stay clean, neat, and clutter-free. That way, each item will have a special designated area.

Decor Ideas and Tips for Your Home Office

While there aren’t any rules to decorating, this is your chance to create a vibe that fits you and allows you to work effectively. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while taking on this task.

Hang it Up

When decorating, maximize all your space, including what you have on your wall. Approach this with a gallery wall by framing your best artwork and family photos and hanging them on the wall. Switch it up and hang it in a cluster, or get creative and mix and match frames.

Find a Color Scheme

Choose accent colors that spark creativity and motivate you. If you’re one who loves earth tones and natural elements, keep it simple with brown, off-whites, grays, or greens. Use color psychology to determine what colors complement each other. Additionally, choose colors that wake up the mind and get you going in a positive way.

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Bring the Outside, Inside

You can never go wrong with plants. They bring a grounding and calming vibe to your office aesthetic and improve air quality. It’s an ideal addition to your workspace that can easily boost your mood and increase productivity.

Make it Personal

The way you decorate should show your personality. You can achieve this by integrating stylish pieces that make you happy to transform your space into one you look forward to being. Overall, your home office should elevate your mood. When you walk into work, make sure you are connected to the way you furnished the area.



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