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Decorate Fairy Light Ideas

These Are the Coolest Things To Do With Fairy Lights in Your Home

August 15, 2023 at 11:41 PM PST
Decorate Fairy Light Ideas

These Are the Coolest Things To Do With Fairy Lights in Your Home

August 15, 2023 at 11:41 PM PST

Fairy lights are more than just a festive decoration for the holidays—they can add a warm and cozy atmosphere to any room in your home all year round. From adding a touch of whimsy to your bedroom to creating a magical ambiance in your outdoor space, there are endless ways to incorporate fairy lights into your decor. Here are some of the coolest things you can do with fairy lights in your home that will inspire you to add some sparkle to your living space.

Advantages of Using Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a beautiful way to decorate your home, but beyond their visual appeal, there are other benefits to using them.


Fairy lights are an affordable way to brighten up your space. You can purchase a string of fairy lights for less than $2 at certain stores. You can even get away with decorating an entire room for less than $20!


Compared to other types of lighting, fairy lights are very economical, as they use very little electricity. You can power them up using one or two small batteries. Even better, many fairy lights are solar-powered, so you can lighten the load on your wallet.


Fairy lights are also popular for their versatility. You can incorporate them into your home decor in so many ways, such as draping them against a wall or using them to outline shelves or tabletops.

Accent Lighting

Fairy lights make impeccable accent lights. You can strategically arrange them around a large mirror to add a soft glow to your reflection. Or place them around picture frames to provide a subtle highlight of your best memories.

Cool Things To Do With Fairy Lights

Fairy lights can truly transform your space. Whether you drape them across your wall or hang them from the ceiling, these pretty little lights are a convenient and affordable way to light up your space. To learn other ways to use them, here are five cool things you can do with them at home:

1. Create a Glittering Makeshift Tent

Photo credit: @thehanginginspiration / Instagram

Kick your date night up a notch with this dazzling tent made with fairy lights. Drape your fairy lights and attach them to a sturdy surface to create a unique date night to remember.

2. Weave Fairy Lights Between Flowers

Photo credit: @skygoodiesco/Instagram

Create your own enchanted garden by weaving your lights through the vines of plants and flowers. The soft glow of the lights adds to the beauty of bright, seasonal flowers, creating the perfect ambiance for an intimate gathering with loved ones.

3. Create a Glowing Cloud Night Light

Photo credit: @5.min.crafts / Instagram

Brighten up your bedroom with this adorable cloud night light. To make it, add your string of lights to a large plastic bottle. Next, attach cotton balls to the bottle, fluffing the cotton out so that it mimics tufts of cloud. Then, secure either side of your fluffy cloud with string before hanging it on the wall.

4. Add a Touch of Magic to Vintage Decor

Photo credit: @violetgreydecorative / Instagram

Up your interior design ante by adding fairy lights to your vintage decor. To do this, nestle your lights at the base of your decor to bring your antique pieces to life.

Photo credit: @violetgreydecorative / Instagram

5. Light Up Succulents and Other Decor

Photo credit: @elementaltreasures / Instagram

You can use your lights as accent lighting for existing decor. Loosely place a string of fairy lights inside succulent containers, vases, and lanterns to kick your decor up a notch.


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