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Before & After: This Modern and Moody Home Office is a Neutral Lover's Dream

Work in a home office space that works for you. Moji Ojediran can show you how.

April 1, 2024 at 3:39 PM PST
Having a workspace that inspires productivity helps you sit aside other numerous distractions and focus on your work. It makes you actually want to complete your to-do list. Whether you’re sending out emails, hopping on last minute phone calls, or planning for the work week ahead, an office space that allows you to do so is crucial to getting work done. How does an office space inspire productivity? Well, interior designer and content creator, Moji Ojediran, shows us how. 
Her and her husband decided their home office needed a life-saving transformation. By optimizing space, implementing a neutral color scheme, patterns, and adding storage solutions, this office space is to die for.  We’ve reached out to Moji herself to tell us the goals and step by step process of this new found magical office. 
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Before, you could compare the office space to what looked similar to a corporate round table room in the 90s. “The previous space was quite large, so we decided to split it into two sections to maximize the functionality,” Moji said. “Our goal was to create a masculine vibe while maintaining a stylish aesthetic.”


After the transformation, you’d think this space was in a totally different room. Let’s breakdown the added pieces that turned this space into a masterpiece. Moji explains how they introduced contrast to the space. “First, we added custom shelves in the back for practical storage solutions. These shelves were painted black to add a touch of contrast to the space,” she said. Using the paint color Sherwin Williams’s Iron Ore in a black and white color scheme, the two were able to achieve a “modern and sophisticated look.” A touch of modernity was one of the carrying factors that brought this room to life.

Take a look at the rug and pillow; both add a touch of texture and help balance contrasting elements to blend perfectly together. The patterned rug shows a bit of personality, while the pillow and accent chair pairing offers a monochromatic vibe. “We went on the hunt for furniture pieces that would complement the masculine vibe my husband was looking for. We wanted to find pieces that were both functional and stylish,” said Moji.

How to Create an Office Space That Inspires Productivity

Add small decor pieces for charm.

Seek out pieces that add personality, but also speak to and build on character. Be sure to also implement items that spark connection. Think books if you like to read or a mini globe that represents travel. Moji was able to find “the perfect pieces that added character and charm to the space” all at an affordable price by shopping at retail stores.

Lighting is key.

Bright lights call for great work performance. “To brighten up the basement, we added a flush mount fixture as the main source of light. We also incorporated a secondary light to ensure the space was well-lit and inviting.”

Go green.

Adding earthy elements keeps your space grounded. Whether a faux tree or real plants, a little green can go a long way.

Implement storage solution.

It’s likely you store tons of paperwork and have important documents to file. So incorporating shelving for storage solution is key.  “We repurposed some left over wood materials for this shelving and using cost-effective options, we were able to achieve our desired look without breaking the bank.”



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