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Home House to Home Tips

Make Your House Into a Home You'll Love Coming Back to With These Tips

September 26, 2023 at 6:58 PM PST
Home House to Home Tips

Make Your House Into a Home You'll Love Coming Back to With These Tips

September 26, 2023 at 6:58 PM PST

So you’re officially a homeowner and have finally moved into your new house. You’ve settled in by arranging furniture, unpacking your wardrobe, and storing items where they need to go. A little decor has hit the shelves and countertops for starters, but you’re not fully there yet. Anyone can have a house, but that transformation from house to home does take time. Though it can be an overwhelming task, it can be made easier.

Going from house to home requires you to understand your personal style and how you want to show that through your decor selection. How you decide to decorate your home is what matters the most. You want to make sure each piece of decor is selected with intentionality, serves meaning, and really represents you and your style. As you learn your style and figure out your approach to decoration, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure a warm, cozy home.

Bring Out Your Meaningful Items

Your house can’t really be a home without you in it, literally and figuratively. Add meaningful objects that make you happy and bring you joy. Choose pieces that tell a story or stories, whether it be a gift from a friend, a beautiful souvenir from a vacation trip, or a photo that captures you in a joyful moment. Unbox those old, precious memories that you cherish and put them on display.

Add Warmth

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Plush rugs, cozy blanks, and comfy furniture pieces should be put in your most used spaces. This way, the entire family can use and enjoy it. In addition, warmth can be felt and seen through color. Create an accent wall or display color through pictures or trinkets.

Make a Space for Everything

Each item in your home should have its own designated home. Investing in drawer dividers, bins, labels, or small boxes helps keep your space organized and clean. As a result, this will reduce clutter from building up. While you focus on organization, consider functionality, too. Get items that help you store small objects while also adding to your decor.

Incorporate Natural Elements

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A home without nature is just a house. Natural elements bring life to your spaces with color and offer a calm, grounding vibe. Place a plant in any area of your home. The entryway, bathroom, or living room, a plant can create a fresh ambiance to your interior design.

Create a Welcoming Exterior for Guests

Whether you’re hosting a wine night with friends or your family comes into town to visit, one of the main factors that makes your house a home is those you hold closest to your heart. That said, you want to make them feel welcome, and there’s no better way to take that first step than with your front porch exterior decor. Opt for a lot of greenery and blooming flowers, and if your home allows, place outdoor furniture. This will make your guest feel welcome even before stepping foot in the front door.

Add Scents

When you walk into a house welcomed by a fresh, warm scent, you immediately have a sense of home. That scent can come from plug-ins, home-cooked meals, or most commonly, candles.

Incorporating scents is a huge indication of personality. If you’re a fan of magnolia bergamot or eucalyptus and mint, scented candles are a necessity for making your house a home. They’re also great as an accessory to add to your aesthetic. Fill your home with one scent or separate them by room. You may want a fresh scent for the bathroom, but a warm scent for your living room.

No matter what you do, simple touches add up, and slowly but surely, you’ll have a home you can’t wait to come back to.



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