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Outdoors Front Porch

Liven Up Your Home Exterior with Front Porch Decor

June 13, 2023 at 9:30 AM PST
Outdoors Front Porch

Liven Up Your Home Exterior with Front Porch Decor

June 13, 2023 at 9:30 AM PST

Summer is around the corner, and it is the perfect time to switch out your front porch decor. Switching up your decor can create an inviting and welcoming vibe. Whether you’re hosting a game night, barbecue or birthday celebration, the first thing people notice is your home’s exterior. Front porch decor is essential as it sets the tone for what to expect in the rest of your home.

Front porch decor can be as simple as doormats, flower plants, welcome signs or personalized items. It can also be as extravagant as a porch swing or a full dining set for outside family dinners. The size of your front porch will determine the decor that best suits it.

You could add simple decor that is mostly for decorative purposes or you can go for items that are multi-functional. When choosing decor for your home exterior, consider items that are comfortable and modern because summer is all about being outside. Think about the comfort and charm that exists inside your home and make sure you reflect that outside with your front porch decor.

Here are some decorating ideas to bring your front porch to life.

Switch Out Your Doormats

Photo of welcome mat at the front door
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A new season means that it is time for a new doormat. Having a dingy, used doormat is not the way to welcome in your guests. Switch out the old and dull one for a fresh and new doormat. When picking it, pick one that radiates the colors that best suit the summer and your personal style. If you want to get personal, find or create a doormat that has your favorite phrase or your last  name. Personalization is key for creating a homey and cozy atmosphere.

Plants: Add More Greenery

front porch decor
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It only makes sense to add as much greenery as possible to your front porch decor. You can layer them up with different types and sizes and by choosing a variation of planters. Plant topiaries are important for a modern, fresh and clean look. They’re also manageable and trouble-free. Consider flower baskets to hang on or around your porch. The best part about flower baskets is it works for any size porch.

Hang a Front Porch Swing Set

couple on swing drinking tea
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Imagine a cool summer day relaxing on your swing set with a glass of tea. Swing sets are great not only for adults looking to sway in the wind and gain a piece of mind, but also for kids. Read a book, have lunch or watch the sunset. A front porch swing is perfect for creating a traditional and contemporary feel. Add cushions and small throw pillows to add an extra layer of comfort.

Outdoor Living Area

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If you’re one who loves hosting and nature, a full furniture set may be right for you and your family. It’s ideal for late night family dinners and outdoor game nights. This option is more fitting for large porches that may wraparound from the front to backs of a home. Outdoor furniture sets work well for those who wish to utilize a large front porch space. Add rocking chairs and rugs for a sense of an outdoor living area. Being that your porch will get the most use this summer, add other purposeful options like sofa chairs, small coffee tables or couch poufs for comfort.

Nothing Says Personal Like Outdoor Decor

welcome sign; front porch decor

Get personal by adding your last name or initial to a wooden door reef or vertical welcome sign that you can prop in the corner of your front door. This will add a modern or farmhouse look to your home. Anything personalized indicates the time and care you took to ensure your front porch is cozy and welcoming.



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