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How To Create a 'Cloffice' Like René Daniella

September 29, 2023 at 7:22 PM PST

One of the standout features in content creator René Daniella’s Los Angeles home is her “cloffice.” If you missed episode four of Home & Texture’s House Tours season two, Daniella explains that a cloffice is a concept that merges a closet and an office into one room. “When I first started with my cloffice, I already knew that I wanted it to be a multi-purpose room,” Daniella shares in the episode.

René Daniella House Tours, Cloffice
Photo Credit: Nina Menconi

Like the rest of her home, Daniella’s cloffice has an eclectic, chic vibe. Painted in various tones of purple, the content creator’s cloffice is adorned with artfully crafted handbags, shoes, jewelry, and clothing pieces. French doors add an airy ambiance to the space. “When you open these doors, and you let that fresh breeze in and the sunshine in, it really pulls the whole room together,” Daniella shares.

On the office side of her cloffice, there’s a marble desk for working and ideating and a stunning rattan desk chair to complement. A cloffice is a content creator and creative’s dream—a space to get your creative juices flowing and feel motivated and reminded of your lived experiences.

Inspired? Here’s how you can get a cloffice like René Daniella.

Identify the Right Space

Get started with designing a cloffice in your home by selecting an underutilized space. Whether it’s a spare room or a quiet corner in your home, it needs to be a space that can be optimized for storage and productivity.

Opt For Multi-Functional Furniture

Every piece of furniture should serve a dual purpose in a cloffice. Select a desk with ample storage or innovative shelving to blend the closet and office components. Finish the cloffice with a chic chair that complements the aesthetics of the room.

René Daniella House Tours, Cloffice
Photo Credit: Nina Menconi

Inspiring Colors

Choose colors for your cloffice that stimulate creativity and bring calmness, such as Daniella’s choice of varying tones of purple. Install doors or windows that allow natural light and fresh air to add mood-enhancing vibes and an airy ambiance.

Balancing Aesthetics and Functionality

Strike a balance between personality and practicality in your cloffice. The decor and color scheme should reflect your personal style while maintaining an organized and clutter-free space.

Adding Personal Touches

Whether it’s eclectic decor or art pieces, infuse your cloffice with elements that make the space uniquely yours.

Catch up on the latest episode of Home & Texture’s House Tours season two below.



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