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Declutter Your Overflowing Makeup and Skincare Stash With These 8 Tips

September 1, 2023 at 8:49 PM PST

It seems like every day there’s a new makeup or skincare product launch. This is why it’s no surprise that most of us have tons of beauty products taking up space in our bathroom cabinets and drawers. An overflowing makeup drawer isn’t just an eye sore; it can delay your daily routine, making it challenging to find what you need amid the clutter. Not to mention, hoarding expired or unused beauty products can wreak havoc on your skin’s health.

A well-organized makeup and skincare collection elevates your daily beauty ritual and empowers you to make the most out of your products.

Here’s how you can declutter and organize your beauty essentials effectively.

Follow the “one year” rule.

If it’s been over a year since you’ve used a product, it’s safe to say you likely won’t ever. It’s time to let go and free up space in your vanity area. Hoarding old foundations, moisturizers, and other beauty products that have expired can lead to skin irritations and breakouts.

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Curate seasonal kits.

As the seasons change, so does your skin. Create a fall/winter and spring/summer beauty kit that you can switch out during the appropriate seasons. Acrylic storage boxes or leather vanity cases are great options for a luxe touch.

Organize by usage.

Arrange your beauty products by when you use them. Whether it’s daytime, nighttime, or special occasions, you can separate your products into cases. This makes it easy to access your go-to products when you need them.

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Use high-end storage solutions.

Upgrade your products from being stored in random drawers and pouches to a dedicated vanity setup. Think about modular systems that can be customized if your beauty products collection grows.

Build a capsule collection.

Build a capsule collection of high-quality, multipurpose beauty products that can take you from day to night.

Donate or swap some items.

If you have items that you haven’t used, consider donating them or swapping with friends.

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Get a beauty fridge.

For luxe skincare items that benefit from a cooler environment, consider investing in a beauty fridge. This will help extend the life of products and add a touch of opulence to your beauty routine.

Review your collection every quarter.

Take time to review your beauty product collection every quarter. Assess what you need and don’t need and clean out any clutter. This will help things stay organized throughout the year.


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