IKEA Items You’ll Want Under Your Tree
Decorate IKEA Christmas Items To Add To Your Wishlist

IKEA Items You’ll Want Under Your Tree

December 18, 2023 at 10:34 PM PST
Decorate IKEA Christmas Items To Add To Your Wishlist

IKEA Items You’ll Want Under Your Tree

December 18, 2023 at 10:34 PM PST

With the holidays in full swing, not only is it time for presents, family, holiday-themed desserts and setting up the Christmas tree, but it’s also a time for decorations.

The great thing about the holidays is that there are so many different ways to decorate and aesthetics to choose from. Whether you’re going for a warm, cold, pink, white, traditional or blue Christmas aesthetic, finding the right pieces for your home will certainly emphasize the Christmas spirit.

IKEA got into the holiday spirit early this year, dropping their Christmas collection in October. From stockings to ornaments to lights, they are setting the tone of Christmas with their unique decor items. Each piece was created to perfectly fit any Christmas aesthetic. Amidst the Christmas cheer, it’s easy to bring a cozy, jolly and festive touch to any home.

Bring holiday cheer into your home with these IKEA holiday items.

Decorate your home with these IKEA Christmas items to add warmth and holiday cheer. Pictured: A Christmas tree with ornaments and decorations.


Decorating your tree is one of the most pivotal parts of Christmas. These ornaments come in a pack of 12 in three different shapes and shapes. With a powdered snow surface to give a white and cold Christmas effect, these glass ornaments are perfect for the simplistic or minimalistic holiday theme. There are even multiple types of VINTERFINT ornaments with Christmas tree designs and Christmas motifs.

STRÅLA Leaf LED String Lights

For those wanting to create a gorgeous tablescape or hang lights across the fireplace, these string lights should be added to your wishlist. These gold leaf lights are battery-operated and perfect for setting a warm and glowing ambiance to your home.


Serve your delicious holiday snacks, finger foods and desserts on this green glass VINTERFINT serving bowl. Only $19.99, this serving bowl is the perfect Christmas color and can be paired with other green or red glassware from IKEA.

VINTERFINT Christmas Tree

We all have that one year where we’re behind on buying and putting up Christmas decorations. If that’s you this year, consider purchasing the VINTERFINT Christmas tree. This IKEA Christmas item is artificial with LED lights installed in the tree, making for an easy setup. Just add your ornaments, garland and tree skirt and you’re good to go.

VINTERFINT Silver Garland

Every Christmas tree needs some sparkle. Use this VINTERFINT silver garland to wrap around your Christmas tree. IKEA’s VINTERFINT ornaments pair well with this garland. Silver, white and blue ornaments and decorations will also pair well with the silver color. This garland is 6 ½ yards, so it’ll wrap around any Christmas tree perfectly.

VINTERSAGA Gingerbread House

Although you can’t eat this sweet treat, you can use it to decorate your home. Decorating gingerbread houses is a staple Christmas activity and it makes your home feel warm and loved. Purchase a few of these gingerbread houses for a fun activity with the kids, as a couple or by yourself! Decorate with icing and candy.

VINTERFINT Christmas Tree Skirt

Dress your tree up with this IKEA VINTERFINT Christmas tree skirt . Perfect for any minimalist or simplistic aesthetic, this rattan tree skirt is only $49.99 and adds a touch of warmth and comfort to your tree. With dimensions of 25 ¼ inches in diameter and 9 ¾ inches in height, it’s large and high enough to fit around any Christmas tree.


Skip the bags this year and add a personal touch to your gifts by wrapping them instead. This VINTERFINT gift wrap is gorgeous and gives the presents under your tree the perfect look and aesthetic in your home. You can also wrap a few gifts in this gift wrap, and choose some of the other VINTERFINT gift wrap to mix and match.

VINTERFINT Christmas Stocking

You have to have stockings over the fireplace for Santa Claus to put all your small goodies in. This IKEA Christmas item adds the perfect holiday touch to your home, pairing well with just about any Christmas aesthetic. Use hooks to hang these stockings over the fireplace for each family member and of course, add another touch with the VINTERFINT artificial garland on top.

VINTERFINT Advent Calendar

Count down the days to Christmas Eve with this VINTERFINT Advent Calendar. Use the calendar to hang small gifts and have your family open one for each day leading up to Christmas Eve. Create memories with friends, family or significant other with this warm and cozy calendar, that can be hung up near the decorations. Hoops are also included to hang each small gift.


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