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Decorate Outdoors Home Decor Tips

Here's How You Can Blend Your Indoor and Outdoor Decor This Summer

May 30, 2023 at 4:42 PM PST
Decorate Outdoors Home Decor Tips

Here's How You Can Blend Your Indoor and Outdoor Decor This Summer

May 30, 2023 at 4:42 PM PST

When shopping for home decor and furniture, there is usually a clear distinction between what belongs inside and what’s meant for outside. More often than not, it’s easy to spot which pieces belong where. For example, upholstered furniture made with soft material is generally used for indoor decor, while pieces made from wicker, teak, and rattan are outdoor staples.

Now with the update in technology and material use, pieces that were traditionally kept indoors can be used in outdoor decor. Many pieces are now made with weather-resistant materials and finishes that can withstand the elements of Mother Nature.

When choosing indoor decor items that can be used outdoors, you should choose materials that are resistant to sunlight, temperature changes, and rain. Items like decorative throw pillows can add color, texture, and coziness to your patio. Artwork and mirrors are also great additions to your outdoor space. Look for pieces made out of metal or resin. These pieces can make a stunning statement when displayed on your exterior walls. When mirrors are strategically placed outdoors, they can reflect natural light, creating depth and visually expanding the space.

Ensure that indoor items being used outdoors are protected when not in use. You can do so by storing cushions and fabrics indoors or in weather-resistant storage containers. Cover furniture with waterproof covers if there is inclement weather. This prolongs the lifespan of the piece.

Selecting the right indoor pieces for your outdoor space can blend the boundaries between your living spaces. By using the right pieces, you can create a cohesive look that extends the aesthetics of your indoor space, outdoors.

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Moroccan Tile Framed Wall Mirror

Bring the vibe of Morocco into your outdoor space with the addition of this beautifully framed mirror. This rectangular mirror is decked out with ceramic Moroccan tiles in stunning indigo hues against a white backdrop. The mirror arrives ready to hang and will hang securely on any wall with industrial-strength metal hangers. This mirror is intended to be displayed vertically. The tiles are placed against a neutral stained wood frame so that it stands out visually in every space. The great thing about this mirror is that it can be placed in your indoor space and outdoors. It's a great mirror for an eclectically-designed outdoor space.

Boho Cozy Waffle Knit Throw Blanket

Having a beautiful throw pillow in your outdoor space is perfect for the unpredictable chilly summer evenings. This boho-style throw blanket can be used for aesthetic and functional purposes. The blanket is lightweight and breathable, making it the perfect addition to your outdoor space in the summer. The throw has a waffle-textured knit design and rustic farmhouse-style fringes. It comes in a variety of colors to match the overall look of your outdoor space. It’s also a great throw for the winter and can be layered with heavier blankets. Made with 100% premium acrylic, this blanket is soft, breathable, and durable.

Honeycomb Indoor/Outdoor Textured Solid Birch Toss Pillow

Refresh your indoor and outdoor furniture with these stylish throw pillows. Made with durable olefin fabric on the exterior and polyester fiber on the inside, you’ll experience softness and support. These pieces are environmentally friendly and are great additions to your patio furniture, poolside and home decor. The fiber on the inside is made out of recycled plastic bottles. These throw pillows are UV-resistant and water-resistant. You won’t have to worry about fading, stains, or mildew. To clean the throw pillows, spot clean using a rag, soap, and warm water. You can air-dry the pillow to maintain its life span.

Home Pouf Ottoman For Living Room and Outdoor

This chic knitted ottoman pouf can be used as a footrest or for extra seating when hosting family and friends this summer. It works well in indoor and outdoor spaces. This pouf is made of 100% acrylic fabric and filled with lightweight material so that the pouf is easy to move around. It’s both durable and convenient. It’s also easy to maintain and care for this pouf. To clean, simply wipe with a clean, soft cloth. Use a soft cloth with warm water and mild detergent if there are any stains. Do not place this pouf near any heat source. This item is not machine washable. This accent piece will elevate the aesthetic of your outdoor space while providing a comfortable and durable seating option.

Small Portable and Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

This small but powerful SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speaker by Bose is great for getting the party started this summer. You can use this speaker indoors and take the fun outdoors. The speaker has a custom-designed transducer and passive radiators, which produces a crisp, balanced sound. Use this speaker this summer to enjoy your favorite playlists. The speaker comes with a tear-resistant silicone strap that you can secure to coolers, chairs, and more. This speaker was designed for rugged use and can withstand being dropped. It has a soft-touch finish that hardly ever shows a mark. The long-lasting battery allows you to enjoy up to six hours of music, and you can charge it with the included micro-USB cable.

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