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Decorate News John Legend x Etsy

John Legend Teams Up With Etsy on New Home Collection Amplifying Black and Brown Makers

June 13, 2023 at 7:07 PM PST
Decorate News John Legend x Etsy

John Legend Teams Up With Etsy on New Home Collection Amplifying Black and Brown Makers

June 13, 2023 at 7:07 PM PST

Is there anything that singer, songwriter, and EGOT holder John Legend can’t do? In his latest venture, the musical star partnered with Etsy to spotlight underrepresented sellers via a limited-edition decor and lifestyle collection inspired by his personal style. Each piece of the collection has its own unique story. Legend collaborated with 11 talented Back women and underrepresented Etsy makers around the world.

John Legend and Etsy Collaboration
Photo Credit: Etsy

“Each item in this collection was made with joy in partnership with makers who inspire me, and I hope these special pieces make you feel right at home,” Legend said in a statement.

The collection brings warmth, serenity, and culture into homes. This collection includes textured throw pillows, earth-toned ceramics and planters, handwoven baskets from the Gullah community, cozy robes, and even goods for your furry friends, like a dog bed. The collection is filled with natural hues and is perfect for minimalist and bohemian design styles.

dog bed, John legend and Etsy designer collaboration
Photo Credit: Etsy

When it comes to items for his home, Legend shares, “I like to surround myself with high-quality products from the hands of real people who love and are very intentional about their craft.”

Collaborating With Makers Around the World

Legend worked with sellers across Bulgaria, Canada, Poland, the UK, and the US. He combined his personal style with the design style of the creators he partnered with. “It was a very special experience for me to collaborate with all these talented artists because the finished results also tell the story of their producers,” Legend said. Two of the sellers who are part of this collaboration are from the Gullah community in South Carolina. They honor their African ancestors through the basket weaving techniques passed down through generations. These baskets are traditionally made from sweetgrass, pine needles, and cattails.

Gullah baskets
Photo Credit: Etsy

If you can’t get enough of the John Legend and Etsy collaboration, a second collection is on the way. The singer will be releasing winter decorations and holiday gift ideas on Etsy at the end of the year.

Keep scrolling to discover items we’re adding to our carts from the John Legend and Etsy Creator Collab.

John Legend Creator Collab: Modern Dog Bed and Washable Cover

This limited-edition dog bed collection is designed in collaboration with John Legend. The geometric, clean lines on sheet music and vibrant patchwork fabrics inspired the design. This dog bed and washable cover are crafted with soft, durable yarn that was made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. These beds are the perfect way to elevate your furry friend’s sleeping environment. The machine-washable cover has a three-sided zipper, which makes it easy to remove and toss in the washing machine. Each bed has a cotton macrame dog toy that can be a handle charm. There are four inches of orthopedic foam and soft polypill to give your dog a comfortable and breathable sleeping experience.

John Legend Creator Collab: Handmade Ceramic Catchall Tray

This beautiful handmade ceramic catchall tray is exclusively sold on Etsy in collaboration with John Legend. It’s a minimalist piece that elevates neutral color palettes and bohemian spaces. This catchall is the perfect complement to your home office, bedroom, bathroom, and other spaces throughout your home. Nature was a huge influence in the design of this catchall. The inspiration is reflected in the earth-toned, speckled, circular tray. Each catchall tray has handles and is crafted by hand with durable stoneware and finished with a satin glaze. They are a great stylish option for placing earrings, rings, necklaces, and other knickknacks.

John Legend Creator Collab: Vase (sold separately or as a set)

This beautiful heirloom vase is from the Gullah community in South Carolina. Its weaving techniques are passed down through the community’s West African ancestors. Gullah basket weaving dates back to the 1700s. It is considered to be the oldest African craft tradition in the United States. This handwoven vase is made from locally harvested materials. You can purchase these vases individually or as a set. The small vase measures approximately 6 inches, the medium measures approximately 9 inches, and the large measures approximately 11 inches. These vases are hand-woven with sweetgrass, palmetto, and pine needles. It would look amazing in your living room, bedroom and office.

John Legend Creator Collab: Handmade Ceramic Mug

Enjoy your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate in a handmade ceramic mug from the John Legend Etsy Creator Collab. The mug can hold around 10 ounces of liquid. Each mug is unique and will have different markings within the glaze. You can choose from the glaze colors green/black, peach/orange, and mustard yellow/brown. For an eclectic look, mix and match the mug colors. The ceramics can be used in the dishwasher and the microwave. All ceramics are made in the creator’s pottery studio in Berkshire, England. These pieces are eco-friendly and made in a woman-owned studio. These ceramic mugs work well in an earth-tone kitchen color palette.

John Legend Creator Collab: Classic Long Robe

Keep it cozy in this luxe classic long robe from the John Legend and Etsy creator collab. The robes are made from handwoven linen and cotton and come in either a khaki-striped or natural-striped colorway. The robes are soft, quick-drying, and extremely absorbent. You can put this robe on after stepping out of the shower, wear it as a cardigan at breakfast with your loved ones, or take it outside as a duster jacket over jeans. It is suggested to wash this robe before using it at a cold temperature. The robe may shrink a little since it is made from natural fabric.

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