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Magnolia Network Host of "Homegrown" Explains Her Decor Style

April 27, 2023 at 9:33 PM PST

Magnolia Network “Homegrown” star and food activist Jamila Norman, publicly known as Farmer J., shared some of her personal home decor inspiration in an exclusive with The New York Times.

Norman gained a loyal following online for her urban gardening. She operates Patchwork City Farms, which spreads across 1.2 acres of land in Atlanta. Her farm continues to produce fresh vegetables and fruits for its local residents and remains an instrumental service to local farmers’ markets and restaurants. Norman is an advocate for the farm-to-table lifestyle and believes everyone should have access to fresh food.

Magnolia Network Star Explains Her Home Decor Style


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In the interview, the former environmental engineer turned farmer joked about not having her own garden in her backyard. Throughout the interview, Norman expressed how her philosophy of recycling things and not having a large carbon footprint is a way of life for her.

“I don’t like buying new stuff,” she said. “I like to find stuff that’s already out there and still useful. It’s about finding value in old things. It’s a hodgepodge, but it’s cute.”

She used similar philosophies to find her forever home. When she moved to Georgia, she decided that a home that was once occupied by a craftsman would suit her needs. Her home is filled with items she either found or restored. For example, she purchased her engineering drafting table on Craiglist and has transformed it into a beautiful countertop on her kitchen island.

Norman is open about her love for thrifting and finding hidden gems in unsuspecting places. She has a retro, spiral-shaped coat rack that she found at a sale. She also finds nice accents and furniture pieces at estate sales.


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