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News Instagrammable Interior Trends

These Are the Top 10 Most Instagrammable Interior Design Trends

July 14, 2023 at 6:47 PM PST
News Instagrammable Interior Trends

These Are the Top 10 Most Instagrammable Interior Design Trends

July 14, 2023 at 6:47 PM PST

There is no shortage of design inspiration on Instagram. Regardless of your design style and taste, there are thousands of images and videos to inspire your home decor. If you’ve ever wondered what the most Instagrammable interior trends are, RubyHome Luxury Real Estate recently released its study findings. The real estate company analyzed some of the most popular interior trends on Instagram right now and ranked the top trends by the total number of Instagram posts.

How the Study Was Conducted

RubyHome Luxury Real Estate analyzed the most popular trends by looking at variations of the hashtag for the trend on Instagram and tallying the total number of posts.

A spokesperson for RubyHome Luxury Real Estate said in a statement, “These findings show us that despite how often trends change, staple interior trends remain popular on Instagram.”

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Top 10 Interior Trends on Instagram

1. Farmhouse: 4,815,877 Total Instagram Posts

Coming in at number 1 is the farmhouse interior trend with over 4 million posts. This trend is loved for its way of combining simple, practical, and rustic features.

2. Rustic: 4,7765,730 Total Instagram Posts

Following closely behind the farmhouse interior trend is the rustic interior trend which has 4,765,730 Instagram posts. A laid-back and easy aesthetic characterizes this style. A warm, inviting atmosphere is created using natural features like wooden beams and stone. The most popular hashtags for the rustic interior trend are #rusticdecor, #rusticinterior, and #rustichome.

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3. Neutral: 2,937,254 Total Instagram Posts

Coming in third place with close to 3 million total posts on Instagram is the neutral interior trend. This trend is similar to rustic and is all about making the most of natural features and light in your home. The natural interior trend has a color palette of shades of beige, white, grey, and brown.

4. Hygge: 2,394,308 Total Instagram Posts

Hygge is an interior trend that originated in Denmark. This interior trend is all about feeling cozy and living a life that is filled with comfort and warmth. Though you can interpret this trend in various ways, most people incorporate hygge into their homes with candles, soft throws, cozy cushions, and plush rugs.

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5. Shabby Chic: 2,374,876 Total Instagram Posts

Vintage furniture shopping has become increasingly popular, leading to the rise of the shabby chic interior style. This style involves incorporating vintage furniture that may be a little worn into your home’s design. To get the shabby chic look, you can mix modern and vintage pieces to bring your space to life. The most popular hashtags used for this trend are #shabbychicdecor, #shabbychichome, and #shabbychicinterior.

6. Terrazzo: 1,062,400 Total Instagram Posts

With over one million Instagram posts, terrazzo has landed itself at sixth place on the list. This composite material has become a popular flooring choice in the design world. Terrazzo is made up of small pieces of stone, glass, or marble that are bounded together with cement and polished for a smooth look. The most popular hashtags for the terrazzo interior trend are #terrazzo, #terrazodesign, and #terrazodecor.

7. Minimalist: 1,011,933 Total Instagram Posts

Coming in seventh place with over one million Instagram posts is the minimalist interior trend. This trend uses mostly a monochromatic color scheme with the motto that “less is more.” Popular hashtags for this trend are #minimalistinterior, #minimalistdecor, and #minimalisthome.

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8. Mid-century Modern: 923,381 Total Instagram Posts

With less than 1 million Instagram posts, the mid-century modern interior trend lands at number eight on the list. This interior style combines functional pieces, clean lines, and contrasting materials and fabrics.

9. Industrial: 881,816 Total Instagram Posts

If you want to get in on the industrial interior style, start by adding metal fixtures, exposed brick, and a neutral color palette to your home. Popular hashtags for the industrial interior style are #industrialdecor, #industrialinterior, and #industrialhome.

10. Black Interior: 325,518 Total Instagram Posts

This trend may be number 10 for now, but there are high hopes of it climbing the list. The black interior trend can be a part of any area in your home. From black walls and ceilings to black kitchen and furniture, this interior style can transform your home into a chic, modern abode.



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