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Article Moving with Kids

Moving with Kids? Here's What To Do To Make it an Easy Transition

Transitioning from one place to the next with little ones is a heavy undertaking, but it doesn't have to be.

February 29, 2024 at 8:00 AM PST
Article Moving with Kids

Moving with Kids? Here's What To Do To Make it an Easy Transition

Transitioning from one place to the next with little ones is a heavy undertaking, but it doesn't have to be.

February 29, 2024 at 8:00 AM PST

Moving into a new place can be a daunting task. And when you add kids into the mix, moving can make the transition even more challenging. However, even though moving with kids isn’t the easiest feat, it is doable. In fact, with careful planning and prep, moving into your new home can be a smooth process for both you and your mini-mes.

Whether you’re relocating to another city or another country, you can help make your move an easy — and dare we say, enjoyable — experience for your family. To learn how, here are eight ways to help ease the transition for your kids.

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1. Communicate early and often.

Moving to a new home is a huge transition, especially for a young child. The best way to prepare them for the upcoming move is to involve them in the process.

To do this, have a sit-down talk as a family to explain why you’re moving and what everyone can expect during the transition. During the conversation, let your children ask questions if they have any, and encourage them to share their feelings about the move.

When you keep your kids informed concerning what lies ahead, you effectively help alleviate the anxiety and fear that often comes with a big move.

2. Maintain routines.

Kids thrive on routines. And moving can certainly disrupt that balance. To avoid this, be sure to maintain a level of consistency even amidst the chaos. This means sticking to regular mealtimes, bedtime rituals, and other daily activities wherever you can. Doing so can help provide some much-needed comfort and stability that children need during a time of change.

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3. Explore the new neighborhood.

You can make the transition from place to place an exciting one that your kids actually enjoy. Before the move, take your kids exploring in your new neighborhood. You can do fun activities like visiting parks, playgrounds, and other cool nearby attractions so that they can be excited rather than anxious about their new home.

4. Pack together.

Packing for multiple people is no fun. So instead of taking on that load for your kids, involve them in the process. Encourage your babies to help pack their favorite toys, books, and clothes so that they can maintain a sense of agency over their belongings. This can provide the perfect chance to declutter and teach them about giving by donating items they no longer want or need.

5. Create a special moving day kit.

To foster excitement, prepare a special moving day kit for your child(ren) packed with their favorite snacks, toys, books, and other comforting items. Having familiar items close at hand is especially helpful for providing a sense of security during the transition. Plus, the on-hand items can keep little ones occupied during long car rides or flights to your new place.

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6. Say goodbye properly.

Saying goodbye isn’t always easy, especially for children who have a harder time adjusting to change. Make the transition an easier one by helping your kids say goodbye to their friends, teachers, and neighbors before the move.

You can do this by arranging a going away party or playdate so they have a chance to exchange contact information with friends they want to stay in touch with. Acknowledging and honoring their emotions about leaving can not only help them feel more prepared for the transition but also let them know you have their best interests at heart, too.

7. Settle in slowly.

Moving into a new place can be scary and confusing for a child. So once you move into your new home, be sure to provide ample time for your kids to adjust at their own pace.

Try exploring the new house together, unpack their belongings first, and slowly introduce them to the neighborhood and community. Be patient and understanding as they navigate their new surroundings and the onslaught of emotions that come with a big move.

8. Establish new routines.

To help them settle in, be sure to create new routines and traditions to adopt as a family. This can be anything from a weekly movie night to Sunday morning pancakes. Whatever you and your kids decide, creating a new normal that involves fun can help your children feel grounded, connected, and excited about their new environment.



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