Peacock Alley Is Having a Two-Day Only Friends and Family Sale
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Peacock Alley Is Having a Two-Day Only Friends and Family Sale

July 9, 2023 at 9:30 AM PST

Summer is the best time to shop for must-have items for your home, and starting this Tuesday, July 11 until Wednesday, July 12, you will be able to snag luxurious home goods at the Peacock Alley sale. Shoppers will be to save an additional 15% off all sales on the site using the code FAM15. Don’t wait for another opportunity to obtain your luxury bedding and bathroom essentials because these items are sure to go quickly.

Why Shop Peacock Alley?

Peacock Alley is a woman-owned legacy and luxury brand specialing in bedding, bath, and other home accessories. The brand was created in 1973 when Peacock Alley founder, Mary Ella Gabler decided to create what we now know as the luxury home market. The brand started with boudoir pillows and has now grown into a one-stop shop for all things immaculate, long-lasting, and posh for the most intimate parts of your home.

Must-Have Steals From the Peacock Alley Sale

peacock alley sale
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The sale not only extends to marked-down goods but to other home essentials as well. Items such as bathroom mats, pool towels, and new arrivals will all be on sale. Shipping is free on orders over $250, so keep that in mind while you are shopping. Orders that are under $250 will incur a $15 flat-rate shipping fee, which is still a great deal for all the luxury bedding and bathroom goods you’ll be getting on sale.

With one quick look through Peacock Alley’s Instagram account, it’s clear to see how you can add some of that immaculate coastal vibe decor to your home. Peacock Alley offers breezy, unrestricted luxury to your home that will give your home the glamour it deserves without losing traditional style. It’s the perfect match for those who want to embrace the quiet luxury trend, too.

Ready to discover some new goods that will knock your socks off? Check out these pieces for your home that you’ll want to add to your shopping cart immediately.

Emma Short Style Bathrobe

Sometimes all you need is a relaxing robe to wrap yourself in after a nice, long bath. Perfect for warmer weather, the Emma Short Style Bathrobe can be used as a bathrobe or a swimsuit coverup. Originally part of the Emma sheet collection, Peacock Alley took this design and made a shorter yet still luxurious robe that is available in three colors. Now on sale, this sateen robe is going to be something you want to slink into after a nice shower before bed. With its 300-thread count, your body will feel easy, breezy and at ease with this robe. If you love this robe but prefer a little more length, there are also longer robe options, too.

Pique II Tailored Shower Curtain

Believe it or not, a high-quality shower curtain can really change your showering experience. That's why this Pique II Tailored Shower Curtain from Peacock Alley is a best-seller and a great addition to your bathroom. This updated remix of the class Pique shower set brings luxury to new heights. It gives coastal yet traditional vibes, which gives you plenty of room to decorate how you want to without compromising your personal style. This shower curtain comes in nine colors, so you don't need to worry about not finding the perfect color. Additionally, you can also order a swatch for this curtain set to determine what color really bodes well with your bathroom, too.

Down Alternative Mattress Topper

Let's face it, all mattress toppers aren't made the same. That being said, this Down Alternative Mattress Topper will easily beat its competitors. This mattress topper is packed with renewable, hypoallergenic Sorona holofill, which is a godsend for people with allergies. Plush, comfortable and cozy, this topper gets better and better after every wash, too. Once you place it on your bed, this topper will give your mattress an extra inch or two, making your slumber that much better. Additionally, this topper has a moisture-proof barrier, which is an added bonus for people who find themselves extra warm at night.

Jubilee Textured Bath Towel Bundle

Bring luxury and bliss into your bathroom with this Jubilee Textured Bath Towel Bundle set from Peacock Alley. Now, your bathroom can have the same luxury essentials as your favorite hotel and spa. This bundle set is packed with 12 pieces, which include four washcloths, four hand towels, and four towels. Even though this set only comes in white, it will not only transform your bathroom but your face and body, too. The towels are made with the highest quality of long-staple cotton, making these ideal towels for your skincare routine. With towels that are created to give you gentle exfoliation, your skin will forever thank you.

Soleil Stripe Beach Towel

If you plan on going to the beach or just want to bask in the sun in your backyard, you are going to want to comfortable towel to relax on. This Soleil Stripe Beach Towel will provide you with the ultimate softness for lounging or drying off. With this towel, you get two design options: On one side, you can feel the plush velour texture, and on the opposite side, you can snuggle with the terry material. Made with 100% cotton, this towel is a must-have for frequent beachgoers. This lush towel also comes in four color options, giving you versatility when adding them to your home or to your tote bag when you go out.

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