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Office Professional Zoom Background

This Is How To Craft a Professional Background for Zoom Calls Like a Pro

October 21, 2023 at 7:00 AM PST
Office Professional Zoom Background

This Is How To Craft a Professional Background for Zoom Calls Like a Pro

October 21, 2023 at 7:00 AM PST

Video calling has become a big part of how we communicate for work, especially if you work from home. The popular video hosting platform Zoom averages a whopping 300 million active users per day, and because video calling is so heavily ingrained into our professional lives, it’s important that we know how to do it right.

When conducting a Zoom call, your background can say a lot about your professionalism. So if you want your Zoom audience to perceive you in the best light, you’ll need to decorate your space accordingly. The good news is this can be done relatively easily and without spending a fortune on more furnishings and decor. Plus, you can truly tap into your creative side to design a space that reflects your style and personality. Here are seven tips for how you can create a more professional Zoom background.

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Have a designated setting.

Taking a Zoom call in your bedroom or kitchen is not the move more often than not. Not only can it look unprofessional, but it also invites outsiders into your personal space. Having a designated workspace for Zoom calls can demonstrate that you’re focused and dedicated to your work. If you don’t have a home office, you can design a professional workstation by placing a desk, office chair, and a couple of plants or framed pictures in front of a neutral wall.

Use a solid color backdrop.

Having bold and colorful wallpaper is a great way to highlight your personality. But if you have too much wall art, it could actually become a distraction. To avoid this, try setting up your workstation in front of a neutral or subtle patterned wall for a clean, distraction-free Zoom background.

Pick a corner.

Selecting a corner of the room to use as your backdrop instead of a flat wall can create a lot of depth and dimension, which adds more visual interest. To do this, all you have to do is position your desk and chair in the corner of your office. Doing so will not only make your space appear more professional, but you as well.

Incorporate props strategically.

To reinforce your expertise in your industry, you can decorate your background with relevant books, articles, or products. For example, if you work in the real estate industry, you could hang framed prints of beautiful homes and other establishments you’ve designed or sold. Or if you work as an event planner, you could decorate with wedding planning books, event posters, or photos of your high-profile clients.

Include your company logo.

If you’re part of a company, consider displaying their logo somewhere in your background. This could be in the form of a branded coffee mug, T-shirt, or framed pictures of your team. Not only does this show that you have pride in where you work, but it also acts as a subtle advertisement during your calls.

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Keep it simple.

Decorating your Zoom background not only adds visual interest, but it also demonstrates your professionalism. But too much decor can quickly become clutter, which can appear disorganized and unprofessional. To avoid this, try keeping a clean and tidy space by storing cables, hiding other wiring and office supplies, and clearing your surfaces.

Add lighting.

Having appropriate lighting is important because without it, your audience may struggle to see you clearly, making you seem less trustworthy and approachable. Instead, you can illuminate your space by positioning your workstation to face a window for a healthy dose of natural lighting.

And if you don’t have enough natural light, you can still brighten your space using ambient lighting from a desk lamp or overhead light.


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