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Article Saint Heron

Solange Knowles' Decor Brand 'Saint Heron' is Changing the Design World

September 15, 2023 at 1:08 AM PST
Article Saint Heron

Solange Knowles' Decor Brand 'Saint Heron' is Changing the Design World

September 15, 2023 at 1:08 AM PST

Solange Knowles, multi-talented singer, songwriter, and artist, has always followed the beat of her own drum. Known for her powerful lyrics and edgy R&B sound, Solange’s music authentically expresses her creative spirit and resilient strength. Now, she’s channeling her visionary artistry into the home decor world with the launch of her new brand, Saint Heron.

Introducing Saint Heron

Saint Heron offers a collection of sculptural glassware, vases, and objets d’art that embody Solange’s singular aesthetic. Dramatic shapes, bold colors, and organic textures define the brand’s elevated yet soulful designs. Just as her music brilliantly fuses funk, jazz, and hip hop with raw lyricism, Saint Heron blends modern sophistication with earthy, handcrafted appeal.

While dazzling as display pieces, these are functional wares meant to bring ritual, beauty, and community to daily life. Solange pulled inspiration from her childhood growing up in Houston where family, food, and gathering together were woven into the fabric of everyday. Saint Heron aims to inspire creative spaces that nurture connection.

With Saint Heron, Solange channels her artistic essence into timeless home decor. Just as her music empowers the spirit, this brand’s sculptural designs empower your space. Saint Heron represents Solange Knowles’ continual evolution as not just a musician but a multi-dimensional artist.

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Where Solange Found Her Inspiration

Knowles started the company after realizing her love for sculpting. In an interview, Knowles explains how she stumbled upon glassmaking. “A few years ago I actually started working on resin sculptures. I initially started with making my own silicone molds out of objects I found around the house, and then I began to make my own small objects; cutting wood, or sometimes plastic or cardboard.”

During a trip to Florida, Knowles would take up her first glassmaking class. She explained that the class was more than just a hobby to her, but had a deeper meaning. “Immediately, I felt the lessons learned through the material. Glass is a material – you always have to be constantly moving and finding that song and dance between the heat and the fluidness, and knowing this is a material in part created by earthly elements. It’s a real surrender and there’s a sense of control you must give up to work within that space.”

Inside the Wonderful World of Glassware

Glass is a marvelous material that has been used throughout history for a number of purposes, from scientific research to home decor. It has an unparalleled beauty, characterized by its transparency that also makes it very versatile. You can even color your glass using glass colorants, enamels, and dyes. And when you place your glass vases, bowls, and other vessels in the home as part of its decor, this material shines even brighter.

But the magic of glass lies not only in its beauty, but also in the special care it requires when crafting glassware. The process of creating glassware is especially intriguing. It involves heating silica sand — also known as quartz sand or white sand — to swelteringly high temperatures that later forms a liquid glass. Then, artisans mold this fascinating liquid into various shapes. They can even blow and spin the glass to create cool shapes or shape it using molds that are designed to create bowls, vases, and other beautiful pieces.

How Saint Heron is Changing the Way We View Glassware

Saint Heron is not only about creating art that has meaning, but using the insights Knowles has uncovered within herself and the world around her to produce art that evokes meaning.

She puts a LOT of effort into her craft. And her new collection Small Matter: Form Glassware 001 certainly demonstrates that. The collection features four expert quality designs made from borosilicate glass — a.k.a Pyrex.

Skilled artists create the pieces using a manufacturing process designed to make quality art more accessible to people who want to expand their personal art collections.

To start the process, they pour tubes of raw borosilicate glass into graphite molds that are heated using torches. Then, they blow and spin the molds, which helps to shape the glass. Finally, the artists place the formed glass into a kind of oven to merge everything together to create a transparent, black glass.

As a result of its arduous process, this striking black material is stronger and more durable than your average glass. And not only are the pieces attractive, but functional as well.

Knowles talks about her inspiration behind her black glass collection, recalling memories from her childhood, as well as her drive to showcase the beauty of glassware created by Black artists for Black people.

“I think about ways objects are another important way for us to take up literal space and how deserving we are of having black collections preserved and revered and even studied by future generations as a means of opening up more ways to say, “We were here.”


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