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Solange Knowles Honors Black Domesticity Through Glassware Collection

June 20, 2023 at 4:55 PM PST

Solange Knowles is the epitome of a multi-hyphenate creative. The Houston native is a Grammy award-winning artist, composer, songwriter, and fashion icon. In the past year, she has pushed the boundaries of her creativity, achieving the feat of being the first Black woman to compose an original score for the New York City Ballet. She’s also responsible for curating a series at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Solange Knowles Glassware Collection
Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur

We all know Knowles for her impeccable taste and style. Her love of design was seen when she opened up her Los Angeles home in an Apartmento magazine spread last year. The striking home was furnished and curated by Knowles herself, so it’s no surprise that her next venture would be in the design space. You can now have a piece of Knowles’ taste and design in your home thanks to her latest collaboration: “Small Matter Art Objects: Handblown Glassware 001.”

An Artful Collaboration

To curate this collection of sculptural glassware, Knowles tapped Philadelphia-based glassblower Jason McDonald. The collection is available through Saint Heron, a multidisciplinary platform created by Knowles to amplify artists and creatives. Small Matter is Saint Heron’s commerce project, which you can expect more from.

Solange Knowles Glassware Collection
Photo Credit: @saintheron / Instagram

The first drop of Small Matter Art Objects consists of 198 one-of-a-kind glassware pieces. Each piece is an exclusive design by Knowles and a creation by McDonald in his Philadelphia studio. With an earthy color palette, you can find glassware inspired by architecture, minimalism, modernism, and symmetry.

According to an Instagram post by Saint Heron, “The collection encompasses light, color, movement, form and collaborative process to translate the design language and sculptural vigor explored in the signature works by Saint Heron’s design studio and gallery, Small Matter.”

Solange Knowles Glassware Collection
Photo Credit: @saintheron / Instagram

This collection is an ode to Knowles’ community of creatives and fans. “Designed by me and produced by glassblower Jason McDonald, the glassware reveals the sentience of household objects through the landscape of Black domesticity. It is our hope that these glass works become cherished objects in your own sacred spaces,” Knowles shares in an Instagram post.

Small Matter Art Objects: Handblown Glassware 001 is available starting June 20, 2023. You can purchase this limited-edition glassware collection at

Keep an eye out for future drops. Something tells us this is only the beginning of Knowles’ designing love letters to the world.


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