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Organize Record Storage

Can't Get Enough of Your Record Player? Here Are 6 Ways To Store Your Records

August 22, 2023 at 4:33 PM PST
Organize Record Storage

Can't Get Enough of Your Record Player? Here Are 6 Ways To Store Your Records

August 22, 2023 at 4:33 PM PST

CDs might never return, but music lovers are still spinning turntables. You can find contemporary and retro versions of record players across interior design styles of every type. The classic machines produce such an outstanding quality of music that enthusiasts may never let them fall out of fashion, especially with so many old and new hits available on vinyl. Since there’s so much you can jam to on your record player, building a collection of records has become a revered hobby. Basically, anyone who has a limited edition vinyl earns major bragging rights, so it’s understandable if you want to show off your copies of meaningful albums in your home.

These prized possessions deserve the best seats in the house, where guests can still admire them, and you can keep them protected until you’re ready to hear a tune. Home and Textured gathered inspiration for a record nook that tops the charts.

Photo Credit: Charlie Alcaraz

Halfway Open Cabinet

In this example, the record nook masters concealment and display. Surrounded by decorative accents, like the plants and speaker, this record player sitting on an old-school radio grabs attention without looking out of place. The open space in the middle of the cabinet doors adds a charming touch and allows a peek at the homeowner’s music taste that leaves you wanting more.

Photo credit: Hannah Busing

Record Stand

Here, the records are barely there. Missing their mechanical counterpart, whichever vinyl is at the front of the stack gets the most eyes—adding more personality to the space. In this instance, unless the record collection is small, more records are likely stored elsewhere. Since the record stand is beside the couch, it’s easy for guests to pick up an album and check it out. Keeping the records in such a fashion also speaks further to the home’s interior design style.

Photo credit: Skylar Kang

Single Floating Wall Shelf

The single floating wall shelf vinyl display is one of the trendiest ways to display records. Resting above this plush greenery and carefully curated book stand, these albums are more like works of art in this space. Right at the entryway, you can’t help but admire this setup every time you come home. The distinct contrast between the bottom and top halves of the space is also too good to go unmentioned.

Photo Credit: Rdne


The record player is almost adorned in this home, surrounded by spiritual elements and intriguing decorative accents. The fringe ceiling light fixture hanging directly above the player guides the eyes right to it. The slightly different wood finishes are only a few stains off, making for a beautiful complementary pairing. The records, presumably inside the console, are hidden from view. However, this nook is so breathtaking that adding more elements would reduce its impact.

Photo Credit: Nathan Van Egmond


A music lover’s dream, this bookshelf is filled with records. With such a grand display, you hardly notice the record player sitting on the left. The right side of the shelf, trailing off into a selection of books, creates a visual element that breaks up the monotony. If you look closely, to achieve this gorgeous array, the homeowner combined two shelves. The greenery, decor accents, and other items surrounding the shelves contribute to the inviting coziness of the room.

Photo credit: Tina Witherspoon

Now Playing

Instead of displaying each of their records, this homeowner went for the “what’s on my current playlist” kind of vibe. With the cover sitting next to the vinyl spinning on the turntable, this setup feels like an homage to whatever’s playing. The wooden finishes, glass accents, and tan seating blend a tad too well here, so the cover helps disrupt the space for a more striking visual appeal.


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