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Decorate Tacky Decor

9 Tacky Decor Trends That Should Never Come Back

October 15, 2023 at 1:00 PM PST
Decorate Tacky Decor

9 Tacky Decor Trends That Should Never Come Back

October 15, 2023 at 1:00 PM PST

The world of interior design has seen some things. Choices were made over the decades, and trends really come and go like the seasons. While some design fads stand the test of time, and others—like the nostalgic playfulness of the 90s—there’s still plenty of aesthetics that leave us wondering, “What were they thinking?” But, at the end of the day, if you see something on this list you can’t live without, no harm or foul! The chain-smoking, disco-fever Miami granny in me has absolutely zero shame when it comes to a couple of items on this list, so like what you like, be proud of your unique taste, and consider this just a not-so-serious cautionary tale of tacky decor trends that deserve to stay put in the past.

1. The Over-the-Top Shag Carpet Craze

Remember those days when shag carpets covered every inch of your living room floor? Neither do we. But IF we did, it would be like walking on a dense, fluffy cloud of poor decisions and cat hair. Undoubtedly, it was a production to maintain. The Shag Carpet Craze, with its psychedelic colors and impractical fluffiness, should remain a distant memory. Let’s all agree that vacuuming shouldn’t feel like a workout.

Be Brilliant neon sign
Photography Credit: Timothy Paule II

2. Neon Lights Galore: A Disco Nightmare

Disco balls and neon lights had their moment on dance floors, but they should never have infiltrated our homes. Neon signs screaming “Eat” or “Love” in fluorescent hues might have been fun for a second, but the headache-inducing glare and tackiness factor were too much to bear. Unless, of course, you’re adding one or two ironically for a vintage-inspired bar, game room or get-ready room.

Green plastic stool with cat
Photography Credit:Owen Mao

3. Plastic Furniture: Uncomfortable and Unforgivable

Plastic furniture seemed like a practical choice once upon a time. But as we’ve evolved in our understanding of design and sustainability, the era of cheap plastic chairs and tables should remain firmly in the past. Nothing says “tacky” more than a squeaky plastic chair that sticks to your legs on a hot summer day.

4. Wallpaper Gone Wild: Too Much Pattern, Not Enough Peace

Wallpaper can add character to a room, but some trends pushed the boundaries of good taste a little too far. Think back to the days of wallpaper covered in oversized floral patterns or loud geometric shapes. It was like living inside a kaleidoscope a headache-inducing, dizzying experience that nobody should relive.

5. The Dated Era of Wall-to-Wall Mirrors

Mirrors can work wonders in making a space feel bigger and brighter, but there was a time when people took it to the extreme. Wall-to-wall mirrors, often seen in bedrooms and living rooms, turned homes into veritable funhouses. While these mirrors might have been an attempt to create an illusion of space, they also reflected every little imperfection and made it impossible to escape your own reflection.

6. Avocado Green and Harvest Gold Appliances: Kitchen Catastrophes

While you might not be able to pry avocado toast from our cold, dead millennial fingers, the same can’t be said for inanimate objects of the same color. Imagine a kitchen filled with appliances in shades of avocado green and harvest gold. While these colors may feel nostalgic, they’re better left in the past. Appliances should be functional and timeless, not a reminder of a bygone era.

Fake plants in living room
Photography Credit: Charlotte May

7. The Art of Fake Plants: Bringing Plastic to Life

We’ve all encountered a fake plant or two in our time, but there was a period when faux foliage took over. Plastic plants, often gathering way too much dust in the corners of rooms, did little to bring life to spaces. Let’s embrace real, living plants and banish the plastic imposters to the annals of decor history. If your excuse is that you’re lacking a green thumb, there are plenty of plants for beginners that you can basically forget about and they’ll thrive.

8. Popcorn Ceilings: The Unwanted Texture

Popcorn ceilings were once considered a stylish addition to homes. However, they quickly became a maintenance nightmare. Cleaning them was nearly impossible, and they often gathered dust and cobwebs, turning ceilings into unsightly messes. The trend of textured ceilings should remain a relic of the past as we embrace clean, smooth surfaces overhead.

9. Waterbeds: The Uncomfortable Dream

Waterbeds had their moment in the sun, promising a unique and comfortable sleeping experience. In reality, they were often anything but comfortable. Leaks, sloshing, and the constant fear of punctures made them more of a hassle than a luxury. Today, we prefer high-quality mattresses that provide the support and comfort we truly need.


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