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Influencer Jackie Aina Shows off Her Kitchen and Grocery Haul on TikTok

May 5, 2023 at 5:31 PM PST
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Influencer Jackie Aina Shows off Her Kitchen and Grocery Haul on TikTok

May 5, 2023 at 5:31 PM PST

Beauty-turned-lifestyle influencer Jackie Aina found herself racking up over four million views after showing her followers her grocery haul on TikTok. Aina, who isn’t shy of showing off her “soft life” lifestyle, shared some of her favorite eats with her millions of followers.

Check Out This Grocery Haul From Jackie Aina

@jackieaina fridge needed some love. enjoy my grocery haul and fridge restock 🤗 #fridgeorganization #fridgereset #groceryhaulcheck #cleantok101 #restocktok ♬ Bim Bom – joao gilberto

Aina’s video gives fans a view into the influencer’s kitchen. Dressed in a glamorous pink robe with manicured nails, she shows the world how she unpacks and organizes her groceries.

Her fruit haul consists of oranges, red and green grapes, strawberries, cucumbers, lemons, and apples. She cleaned each friuit with vinegar and water. After cleaning her fruits, she opens her refrigerator doors and pulls out the storage bins inside. It is the perfect organizational method. All the fruits have their respective bins and are easy to grab.

She gives us a glimpse at the rest of her groceries, including her drinks of choice, Chobani yogurt packs, condiments and sauce packets. As she concludes her grocery haul, she stocks her orderly kitchen drawers with Cinnabon coffee pods, adds napkins to the napkin holder and refills her drawer with Cascade Platinum pods for her dishwasher.

The entire video embodies sophistication and organization. Her kitchen is a winter wonderland with white and gold features. The best part is that getting your kitchen to look like Aina’s is possible. If you are interested in upgrading your kitchen organization, check out these products below.

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Storage Bins with Dividers for Pantry Food & Kitchen Fridge

One way to achieve a kitchen like Jackie Aina's is to organize everything. Take a few tips from her video and determine what could use some decluttering to give the appearance of a well-put-together kitchen area. The Sorbus Storage Bins with Dividers for Pantry Food & Kitchen Fridge comes in a pack of four and are perfect for that. You can organize your coffee, teas and snacks in one area. You don't have to wonder where your favorite eats and K-cups are with these clear, posh containers. They can fit perfectly in a corner on your countertop or on your island counter.

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