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Decorate TV Wall Art

How To Turn Your TV Into Wall Art To Level Up Your Living Room

Nothing says attention to detail like this easy project.

March 3, 2024 at 6:00 AM PST

Is it a bird? Or perhaps wall art? What if it’s actually a TV? Whoever said your television couldn’t double as wall art? Well, think again. With strategic placement and top-notch disguise, you might even fool yourself.

The trend of using TV wall art has gained significant traction, finding its way into many homes. Essentially, it involves displaying a picture on your TV screen that mimics a traditional piece of art hanging on your wall. Whether you prefer black and white abstracts, clean lines, or vintage floral arrangements, there’s a digital art wallpaper option to complement your home decor. When not in active use, effortlessly transform your TV into various art screensavers that instantly elevate the ambiance of your living room with just the click of a button.

Home and Texture has curated a comprehensive list of essentials required to bring this innovative concept to life, along with detailed steps to execute it seamlessly.

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Why should you turn your TV into wall art?

Still on the fence about embracing TV wall art? Here are a few reasons that might just convince you. First things first, the options are truly limitless. Imagine an endless rotation of stunning artworks seamlessly adorning your walls. With such a diverse array of digital art at your fingertips, finding pieces that perfectly complement your decor is a breeze. What’s more, this project is not only budget-friendly but also incredibly time-efficient. Get creative with it by incorporating art pieces that add an intriguing dimension to your interior design. Whether you opt for a bold pop of color, a subtle hint of texture, or prefer to keep it elegantly simple, the possibilities are endless.

How To Display Art on Any Smart TV

The process is quick and easy, and all you’ll need is your TV remote.

Download the YouTube app on your smart TV.

Search for the YouTube app on your TV. If it’s not already, download the app. It’s okay if you don’t have a YouTube account.

Search for “TV art screensaver.”

After searching for “TV art screensaver,” you’ll find various videos with different art designs and screensavers. Some will include the same art display for the entire video, and some will switch it up with a variety of pictures. And if you want some tunes to spice up the ambiance, search for TV art with music. Feel free to use different keywords like boho, floral, or modern to narrow down your search if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for.

Set your TV art.

Once you’ve found the art that catches your eye, play the video and let it upgrade your space. Tired of it? Switch it out and find something else. It doesn’t have to play all day, either—it’s also great for when guests come over.

Take It One Step Further

The television alone isn’t enough to really bring the whole vision to life—you’ll need supporting items to really level it up. Consider adding these items to your shopping cart to really go all in and make your TV the focal point of your space.

Photo credit: Darshan Patel

Add a light fixture.

To set the mood and illuminate your wall art, invest in an overhead picture light fixture. They’re lightweight, easy to install, and you can choose from several lighting settings. Think about choosing a picture light that also pairs well with the current aesthetic of your home or the artwork you plan to display on your TV. That way, the digital artwork and fixture will always complement each other, no matter how many times you change art on screen.

Create an art gallery.

Create a gallery wall around the placement of your TV. Grab your favorite framed photos, whether they be personal or not, and strategically place them around your TV. Once you’re satisfied with the placement, hang up your framed pictures and prepare for the transformation. Big or small, arrange them in the best way that suits the look you’re going for. This will allow for a cohesive look and overall nice visual appeal.

DIY an art frame or frame your TV.

If you really want to transform your TV into the most literal wall art piece, it’s only right to buy a TV frame. For a more affordable and DIY approach, think about building your own TV frame. This will really take things to the next level and add a luxe touch to your preferred artwork.


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