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Not Sure What To Do With Your Shoe Boxes? Here's How To Upcycle Them Into Home Decor

November 8, 2023 at 8:00 PM PST

Transforming everyday items into stylish home decor is the design hack you never knew you needed. It’s not just smart; it allows you to tap into creativity and can be a fun project. Take shoe boxes, for example—we all have them, and instead of throwing them away, we can turn them into something special for our homes. Referred to as upcycling, it’s all about giving new life to things we might otherwise toss out.

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Here are some easy and stylish ways to turn plain shoe boxes into beautiful and useful decor for your home.

Simple Storage Solutions

Shoe boxes are great for keeping things tidy and out of sign. Cover the boxes with a nice cloth that matches your room colors. You can put them under your bed or on a shelf and use them to store things like photos, scarves, or toys. Adding a handle made from ribbon or metal elevates their aesthetic appeal.

Desk Organizers

Instead of keeping your pens and papers scattered around your office or desk, you can cut the tops off of shoe boxes and cover the boxes with pretty paper. They can be placed on your desk or bookshelf to help keep your office supplies organized. Pick paper designs that work well with your office decor for a cohesive look.

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Photo Credit: Anete Lusina

Wall Decoration

Walls aren’t just for hanging art or photos. You can cover shoe boxes in cloth or paper and hang them up in interesting patterns. Use the shoe boxes like little shelves to hold small plants or decorations. It’s a unique approach to decorating your walls and adds fun shapes to the room.

Make a Lamp

You can also make a cool light for your room with a shoe box. Cut out shapes on the box, put a see-through paper over it, and put some small LED lights inside. When you turn on the lights, the cutout shapes will make cool patterns on your walls.

Eco-Friendly Decorating

Using shoe boxes to decorate is good for the Earth because it means less waste. It’s also a fun way to show off your creativity and care for the environment. Upcycling shoe boxes allows you to create something beautiful while being sustainable.


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