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Art Wall Art Quiz

From Ornate Mirrors to Framed Photos, Here’s What Your Wall Art Says About You

October 22, 2023 at 1:16 PM PST
Art Wall Art Quiz

From Ornate Mirrors to Framed Photos, Here’s What Your Wall Art Says About You

October 22, 2023 at 1:16 PM PST

When it comes to interior design, walls are the perfect blank canvas. You can style them however you like using wallpaper, framed pictures, paintings, and other mountable wall art decor. Even better, you can easily change your wall decor when you’re ready to switch up your aesthetic.

But did you know your favorite style of wall art can say a lot about your personality? How you choose to decorate your space is a direct reflection of your unique style and taste. So, what does your preferred wall art style say about you? Let’s find out!

Two rows of framed wall art against a white wall
Photo credit: Medhat Ayad via Pexels

Abstract Art

If you can appreciate abstract art, you likely have a bold and eccentric personality to match. People who are open to paintings, prints, and sculptures featuring striking and unusual colors and shapes tend to be adopt a more open mindset about the world around them. This includes rejecting social norms and conventions for a more free-spirited approach to life.

Family Photos

People who decorate their walls with lots of pictures of their family and friends are big on forming connections. They’re the friend you can always depend on because they tend to be very loyal and dedicated to the ones they love. This type of art lover values memories and connections more than material possessions, and their home’s warm and inviting atmosphere truly represents that.

Pop Culture

If you grew up with a poster of your favorite singer or group hanging on your bedroom wall, you likely have a strong connection to pop culture. People who view entertainment as art forms tend to be equally as entertaining to be around. Pop culture enthusiasts can be social butterflies, and are always on top of the latest trends. They also really enjoy being part of a fandom where they can connect with likeminded people who share their passions.

Vintage Ads

If you like to style your walls with classic advertisements, you might have an old soul. People who favor vintage ads and other retro decor are more likely to appreciate history and mid-century aesthetics.

Marketing history enthusiasts love art with a rich backstory and can tell you everything about the history behind a piece. They can be very well-cultured, with a deep appreciation for stylistic nuances in art, design, and commerce. And if you need a shoulder to cry on, they’re your best bet because they have a deep sense of sentimentality, making it easier for them to empathize.

Travel Posters

People who like to show off their travels with maps, posters, or pictures of their favorite destinations tend to crave adventure. These curious souls just love experiencing new cultures and lifestyles from around the world. Due to this, they have a super wide range of interests — from food to hobbies — which always makes them fun and interesting people to be around.

Motivational Quotes

Using motivational quotes as wall art is a great way to promote a healthy and more positive mindset. People who prefer this art style are serious about their mental health. They tend to be optimistic go-getters who love a good affirmation to start their morning right. They’re also motivated by personal growth and development, always seeking to excel in every aspect of their lives.

Minimalist Prints

If you prefer a more simple artistic approach to wall art like line art or simple prints, you probably have a pretty organized and uncomplicated lifestyle as well. Your straight-shooting personality values simplicity and functionality over flamboyance, and your design choice certainly reflects that.

But don’t get it twisted, you’re far from boring. Your clean and simple approach allows for easy customization, making it a lot more convenient to switch up your style whenever you like.



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