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Decorate Urban Aunt Aesthetic

This Aesthetic Is One of the Biggest Design Trends of 2024

Here's how to emulate the cool aunt vibe in your home decor.

February 22, 2024 at 6:23 AM PST

There are always new trends popping up in the design world. So far this year we’ve seen trends emerge like “Bookshelf Wealth,” which largely become popular thanks to social media. One of the latest design trends to take note of is the “Urban Aunt” aesthetic. Inspired by the movie archetype of the cool, wealthy, single aunt, this trend encapsulates a blend of quirkiness and sophistication.

Thanks to TikTok, the Urban Aunt aesthetic is gaining momentum, with the hashtag #urbanaunt amassing over 20.2K views. It shows the power of social media in driving forward the latest interior design trends, inspiring millennials to reimagine their living spaces.

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Key Themes and Elements

Nick Drewe, a trend expert and founder of the e-commerce platform Wethrift, offers invaluable insights into achieving the Urban Aunt vibe in your own home. He describes it as a lifestyle that embraces carefree living and socializing achieved through quirky yet elegant decor. “Think of a maximalist downtown apartment with eccentric charm and character whilst still keeping an element of class and elegance,” says Drewe.

“Taking plenty of inspiration from classic bohemian interior, Urban Aunt is all about taking a more upmarket approach to playful, colorful, and textured interior design trends.”

Creating Depth with Textures

Forget minimalism; the Urban Aunt aesthetic celebrates depth and character through a mix of textures. Drewe suggests incorporating a variety of materials, from accent furniture and throws to rugs and natural elements like wood and plants. Accessories play a crucial role in adding layers to your space, making it visually appealing without feeling cluttered.

Exposed Brick and Pattern Mixing

“Exposed brickwork is one of the key features of the Urban Aunt interior trend as it creates a texture contrast and delivers a rustic appeal to the living space,” Drewe shares. According to the trend expert, Pinterest searches for ‘exposed brick’ have increased by over 100% this year as users look for interior inspiration.

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Photo Credit: Charlotte May

Textured Glamor and Ambient Lighting

Adding a fluffy rug can introduce a touch of glamor and warmth, complementing the rustic appeal of wooden floors. Accent lighting is crucial for setting the mood, especially when hosting gatherings, by highlighting the home’s key features and textures.

Maximalist Comfort and Chic Hosting

Large, plush sofas and a bar cart are essential for embodying the urban aunt aesthetic. “Of course, the implementation of a full-scale bar may not be possible for all, but fortunately, the addition of a liquor trolley or cabinet can suffice whilst also being used to add a further touch of rustic charm to the room.”

“Not only are cocktail glasses practical, but they can also be used as ornaments to finish off the look and truly capture the vibe of an urban aunt.”


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