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What Exactly Is a Townhouse? We've Got the Answers

December 12, 2023 at 12:58 AM PST

Townhouses have become a popular purchase choice for millennial homeowners with their unique blend of communal and private living. You may be familiar with the word, but have you ever strolled down a charming street lined with rows of beautiful, slender homes and wondered, “What exactly is a townhouse?”

This architectural style offers a distinctive living experience, blending the best of both worlds—the community feel of an apartment with the independence of a detached home.

Photo Credit: Ross Joyner

Defining the Townhouse

A townhouse, which you may also know as a townhome or row house, is a multi-level home that shares one or more walls with the neighboring units. It is different from an apartment because it has its own entrance. Typically, townhouses are characterized by multiple floors—often two to three stories—with the living area on the bottom floor and the bedrooms above. Townhouses are a staple in urban environments, offering a space-efficient solution in densely populated areas.

Architectural Appeal and Design

Architecturally, townhouses can range from historic, ornate facades to modern, minimalist designs. What sets them apart is their ability to provide a sense of individuality and privacy within a communal setting. The interior spaces are often creatively designed to maximize space, light, and functionality. Townhouses are a canvas for interior design enthusiasts.

Photo Credit: Simi Iluyomade

Community Living with a Twist

One of the key appeals of townhouse living is the sense of community it fosters. Shared walls mean closer neighbors, often leading to tightly-knit communities. Unlike apartments, townhouses usually come with additional perks like private entrances. They even sometimes have small garden spaces or rooftop terraces.

For those seeking a balance between bustling city life and the comfort of a personal, private space, townhouses offer an ideal solution. They represent not only a home, but also a lifestyle choice.



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