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Decorate Winter Pinterest Trends

These Are the Top 5 Winter Decor Ideas Trending on Pinterest

December 19, 2023 at 1:33 AM PST
Decorate Winter Pinterest Trends

These Are the Top 5 Winter Decor Ideas Trending on Pinterest

December 19, 2023 at 1:33 AM PST

If you’re looking for home decor inspiration this winter, chances are you’re scrolling through Pinterest, creating a board filled with ideas. Pinterest knows what its users want and has recently revealed the latest trends in winter decoration that are captivating homeowners this season.

This winter, the focus is on transforming spaces into snug havens that embody the spirit of the season. The interior design experts at RubyHome Luxury Real Estate worked with Pinterest to reveal the five key trends that are defining winter decor for the 2023-2024 season.

#1 – Winter Front Porch Decor

Gaining a 975% increase in interest since September, “winter front porch decor” is a hot trend. To create a welcoming entrance, RubyHome suggests adorning your front door with a winter wreath crafted from dried leaves, faux flowers, pinecones, berries, and cinnamon. Adding seasonal plants like pine and eucalyptus with berries and thistle enriches the porch with color, while planters in warm, earthy tones enhance the seasonal feel. A festive doormat featuring snowflakes or reindeer completes the look. For a cozy touch, drape your porch furniture with throw pillows and blankets in holiday patterns and colors.

winter wreath
Photo Credit: Luna Lovegood

#2 – Earthy Tones for the Bedroom

With a 113% rise in searches since July, bedrooms adorned in earthy tones are trending. These natural hues, inspired by the outdoors, add a chilled charm to your space. RubyHome advises using colors like browns, greens, warm grays, and muted earthy reds. Beddings in deep brown, olive green, or sandy beige, complemented by throw pillows in various textures, give the room an earthy ambiance. Wooden furniture pieces add warmth and a connection to nature, while greenery, like succulents and ferns, brings a refreshing element.

#3 – Winter Crochet

Searches for “winter crochet” have skyrocketed by 1,328% since May. Crochet patterns offer a unique way to add warmth to your home. Consider crocheting pillow covers with seasonal motifs or framing crochet pieces for a subtly yet charming effect.

Photo Credit: Pavel Danilyuk

#4 – Winter Coffee Bar Ideas

The demand for “coffee bar ideas kitchen counter” has surged by 117%. RubyHome recommends a festive coffee bar in your kitchen adorned with warm colors and holiday-themed mugs. Incorporate seasonal flavors like vanilla, caramel, and peppermint to add a festive twist to your beverages.

#5 – Green Christmas Decor

“Green Christmas decor” has seen a staggering 4,900% increase in interest since July. RubyHome suggests incorporating warm green paint in areas like bathrooms and kitchens. This color pairs well with natural elements and can also be used as an accent wall shade in living areas or home offices.


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