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7 Statement-Making Accent Wall Ideas To Totally Transform Your Bedroom

Bored of your bedroom? Try out one of these statement-making accent wall ideas.

January 28, 2024 at 6:40 AM PST

If your bedroom is starting to bore you, it may be time for an accent wall. Incorporating an accent wall in your home decor is a declaration of your personal style. Whether you’re moving into a new home or simply looking to refresh the aesthetic of your current bedroom, an accent wall can transform the feel of a room without the commitment of a full-scale renovation. It’s the perfect opportunity to add creativity and character to your private sanctuary.

Ready to make a statement in your bedroom? Keep reading to be inspired by these accent wall ideas.

Textured Appeal

Wood Paneling

Add a touch of rustic charm or a Scandinavian vibe with wood paneling. This design choice adds warmth and texture, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, opt for reclaimed wood. Use painted panels for a more contemporary feel.

wood panel accent wall
Photo Credit: Max Rahubovskiy

Stone Accents

Bring a piece of nature indoors with a stone accent wall. Whether it’s sleek marble for a touch of luxury or a rugged slate for an earthy feel, stone can dramatically alter the ambiance of your room.

Color, Color, Color

Bold Paint Choices

Painting an accent wall is a simple yet effective way to make a statement in your bedroom. Go bold with vibrant colors like bright oranges or deep blues. Create a more subtle mood with muted tones such as sage green or dusty rose.

Patterned Wallpaper

With the vast array of wallpaper designs available, the possibilities are endless. Floral patterns add a romantic touch, geometric shapes offer a modern twist, and textured wallpapers add depth and intrigue.

wallpaper accent wall
Photo Credit: Max Rahubovskiy

Artistic Flair

Murals and Large-Scale Art

Transform your wall into a canvas with a mural. Whether it’s a serene landscape, abstract art, or a whimsical scene, a mural can be a captivating focal point.

Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is great for art lovers and collectors. It allows you to showcase your paintings, photographs, or memorabilia. It’s a curated approach that can continuously evolve with your style.

accent light accent wall
Photo Credit: Max Rahubovskiy

Light It Up

Accent Lighting

Strategic lighting can elevate an accent wall, highlighting its features or casting interesting shadows. Consider wall-mounted fixtures, LED strips, or backlit panels for a dramatic effect.



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