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The Best Places To Live in Houston

December 8, 2023 at 4:02 PM PST

Houston has earned a reputation beyond just being the hometown of superstars like Beyoncé and Megan Thee Stallion. As Texas’ largest metropolis and the fourth biggest U.S. city with over 2.3 million residents, Houston offers endless amenities alongside a cost of living below national averages.

It provides affordable living (8% under the average), additionally, most HOA fees are priced under $300 monthly. This makes the city appealing for families and young professionals alike looking to put down roots. Families can enjoy plentiful kid-friendly museums and parks with accessible activities. Young professionals will find no shortage of hotspots to connect over coffee or experience Houston’s legendary nightlife scene. Foodies will be spoiled for choice with acclaimed Black-owned eateries dishing out southern cuisine as diverse and flavorful as the city itself.

Houston’s diversity shines through in its vibrant blend of cultures. Over 22% of residents identify as Black, creating a rich community that immerses locals and visitors alike in the indelible African American impact on Houston. With this preview of what makes Houston unique, here’s a closer look at some of the most appealing neighborhoods for new residents.

Downtown Houston

Downtown is the heart and center of Houston and one of the best places to live in the city. Because of its amenities, young professionals and families love living here. Pictured: An aerial view of Downtown Houston

  • Population: 18,057
  • Public School Rating: A
  • Average Home Price: $381,794
  • Walkability: High

The heart of Houston, downtown, is a great place to live for young professionals, singles, couples, and families. As the commercial hub of the city, downtown is where the center of the action is. There’s always activity in downtown Houston, from Houston Rockets games to breweries to shows at the Houston Ballet.

For Black Families: Downtown is one of Houston’s most diverse areas. Many affluent Black families that are doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects, and politicians all live in downtown Houston. Condos, apartments, townhomes, and family homes are all available, although because younger professionals tend to move here, apartments are more common in the area. The average home price in downtown Houston is around $381,794.

For Young Professionals: Downtown is one of the best places to live in Houston for young professionals. This area is great for nightlife and fun weekend activities, and it’s extremely walkable and bike-able for young people going bar hopping or just wanting to explore downtown. Job opportunities offer easy transportation around downtown Houston.

Greater Heights

Greater Heights is one of the best places to live in Houston. Right outside of downtown, this area is walkable, offers a lot of amenities and is a quiet, residential area. Pictured: Homes in a Houston neighborhood.

  • Population: 25,486
  • Public School Rating: B
  • Average Home Price: $591,335
  • Walkability: Moderate to High

If you’re looking for a quiet residential area, Greater Heights is the perfect place to live in Houston. This area is north of Downtown Houston and is a safe area for raising and starting a family; from Victorian to modern to farmhouse and contemporary style homes, Greater Heights has homes for every family. The average home price in this area is $591,335, and Greater Heights is a neutral housing market, so the pricing and amount of time on the market are decent.

For Black Families: For Black families looking for an area of Houston to move to, Greater Heights is a nice suburb. Close to downtown and access to Houston’s many amenities, this area is excellent for families who prefer a slower and calmer way of life. There are over 42,064 residents in Greater Heights, with the median age being around 36 years old and the Black population being around two percent.

For Young Professionals: For young professionals who are planning on moving to Houston, Greater Heights is an excellent neighborhood. If you work downtown but prefer quietness over the hustle and bustle, consider the suburbs of this area. The average rent for an apartment is $1567, so it’s an affordable area to live in.


Midtown is one of the best places to live in Houston for singles, couples and young professionals. Pictured: A residential neighborhood.

  • Population: 9,706
  • Public School Rating: A
  • Average Home Price: $381,000
  • Walkability: High

South of downtown Houston lies Midtown, a vibrant and lively community for singles, couples, and young professionals. Midtown is one of the best places to live in Houston because it offers affordability, walkability, and easy access to all of Houston’s cool amenities. Check out food trucks in the area, go shopping at some of your favorite stores, and venture to some of your favorite bars in the area.

For Black Families: Midtown is another great area for Black families in Houston. The average home price in this area is around $381,000 with the housing market being neutral. Within the past year, homes in Midtown have sold for 7.2 percent more. The cost of living in Midtown is lower compared to other nearby neighborhoods in Houston. Part of Harris County, the population in Midtown sits at over 9,706 residents and six percent of Black residents.

For Young Professionals: Midtown has so many things for young professionals in the city to enjoy. From local breweries to wine bars, restaurants, and local theater productions, young residents are flocking to Midtown. For young professionals starting out in the city, studio apartments can go from $1,389, making this an affordable neighborhood to stay in.


Montrose is a vibrant and open community that is LGBTQ-friendly and diverse. It's one of the best places to live in Houston for diverse families and young professionals. Pictured: A residential neighborhood with nice homes.

  • Population: 46,455
  • Public School Rating: A
  • Average Home Price: $293,000
  • Walkability: High

Montrose is one of the best places to live in Houston for young and open-minded people. This artsy and open neighborhood is a great LGBTQ+-friendly area with a lot of LGBTQ-owned businesses and pride celebrations. Montrose is a walkable community with tons of restaurants, bars, and galleries to choose from. Because it is a buyers’ market, this neighborhood tends to have lower housing prices, with houses staying on the market for a while.

For Black Families: Montrose is a neighborhood that values diversity and inclusivity. The average home price is around $293,000, making this one of Houston’s more affordable areas to live in. Families can enjoy everything that this area has to offer, including drag shows, brunch spots restaurants luxury boutiques, and thrift stores.

For Young Professionals: Montrose is truly the best Houston neighborhood for young professionals. Besides the fun activities, bars, and clubs in the area, the cost of living is a factor that draws in young professionals. Because the average cost of an apartment is $1,597, people who work in downtown Houston choose this area to live in.


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