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Decorate Holiday Mantel Ideas

Merry Mantels: 6 Ideas for Showcasing Holiday Spirit Above the Hearth

December 1, 2023 at 10:41 AM PST
Decorate Holiday Mantel Ideas

Merry Mantels: 6 Ideas for Showcasing Holiday Spirit Above the Hearth

December 1, 2023 at 10:41 AM PST

Decorating your mantle is a quick and easy way to create a warm, festive atmosphere in your home, which can be especially helpful if you’re planning on hosting this holiday season. The great thing about decorating your mantel is that there are many ways to do it. So if you’re stuck in a decorating rut, here are five easy steps to create a fantastic holiday mantel display.

Step 1: Pick a theme.

Before you start decorating, pick a theme to ensure your project looks and feels cohesive. You can decide on a classic, modern, rustic, or whimsical motif depending on your personal style. This makes decorating a lot easier because all you need to do is add some related decor to tie the whole look together.

Step 2: Clear the clutter.

If your mantel acts as a shelf for old pictures, candles, and knick-knacks, now is the time to remove the clutter to create a clean, blank canvas. Starting with a blank slate can help you better visualize your intended results so you have something to build toward. Plus, having a clean and organized space can do wonders for promoting a positive mood for the holiday season.

Step 3: Start with the centerpiece.

Adding a centerpiece to your mantel display takes much of the guesswork out of decorating. A festive wreath, a garland, or even a large candle arrangement is the perfect focal point to use to create visual appeal. Not only does this make your space more attractive to the eye, but you can also use your centerpiece as a reference when incorporating the rest of your decor.

Step 4: Light it up.

Adding lights can really kick your mantel display into overdrive. You can drape fairy lights across your mantel for a whimsical touch, or add some string lights to frame your holiday family photos. Whatever you decide, decorating your mantel with warm, soft lighting can set the stage for a cozy ambiance.

Step 5: Add festive accents.

Adding festive accents to your mantel can really bring your project all together. You can use your centerpiece as a guide for incorporating complementary elements like ornaments, pinecones, or faux snow. The key is to keep your theme at the forefront so you don’t cause confusion with too many different accents.

Merry Mantels: 6 Ideas for Showcasing Holiday Spirit Above the Hearth

Decorating your mantel for the holidays is a great way to add a festive touch to your living space. You can hang stockings, display figurines, or even create a dreamy winter wonderland with fake snow, tinsel, and mini trees.

To learn how to create a stunning holiday mantel this year, here are six ideas you can use to get your creative juices flowing:

Photo credit: @decorsteals/Instagram

This Modern, Minimalist Mantel

If you prefer a minimalist design style, this easy mantle is right up your alley. To replicate this, try using a plain and simple wreath as your focal point. Then, add in a few decorative elements to complement the wreath — i.e. an artificial garland, a handful of candles in neutral colors, and a group of mini Christmas tree replicas to complete the look.

Photo credit: @bloom_jennybrooks/Instagram

This Festive Mantle With Mirrors and Winter White Accents

For a sophisticated design to impress your loved ones, try this beautiful mantel that features a trio of ornate gold-framed mirrors. Complement the design with a few classic holiday elements like faux snowflakes, white holly berries, and shimmering gold bells.

Photo credit: @antiquefarmhouse/Instagram

This Mantel Decorated with Holiday Ornaments

Forget decorating your Christmas tree — you can use your holiday ornaments to decorate your mantel instead. This display follows a simplistic, neutral color scheme, but you can add decorative red and green ornaments for a festive, inspired touch, too.

Photo credit: @suzannezinggstyle/Instagram

This Holiday Mantel That Goes ALL Out

If you have a flair for the dramatic, this fabulously flamboyant mantel is right for you. Perfect for the maximalist, this mantel includes lanterns, garlands, ribbons, and gold fruit to create this stunning eye-catching display.

Photo credit: @hipandhumblestyle/Instagram

This Simple, Seasonal Mantle

The best way to create a beautiful holiday mantel is by incorporating seasonal touches like this mantel display. Rustic pumpkins and fall leaves are the perfect celebration of autumn, but you can make use of winter elements like artificial frosted cranberries, mistletoe, or pine cones to commemorate the holiday season, too.

Photo credit: @pinkhouseliving/Instagram

This Colorful, Hanging Mantel Display

This pretty little display uses bright and colorful suspended ornaments to create visual appeal and utilize more space. You can vary up your ornaments by color, pattern, shape, and size to make it truly unique.


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