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From Hotel to Home: Luxury Design Tips Inspired by the Fairmont Empress

August 24, 2023 at 4:46 PM PST

If you want to feel like royalty, the Fairmont Empress in Victoria, British Columbia, is the ultimate inspiration. This hotel has long stood as an epitome of grandeur and timeless elegance. The Empress never fails to impress, from its rich chateau-style architecture to its world-famous high tea tradition. Recently, the property upped its luxury offerings by introducing Fairmont Gold. This new addition features a stunning Fairmont Gold Lounge with Inner Harbour panoramas, complimentary evening canapés, and personal butler services.

Fairmont Empress Lobby
Photo Credit: Fairmont Empress

Bring the opulence of the Fairmont Empress into your own living space with these design tips.

Elegance in Details

The Fairmont Empress has incredible attention to detail. Whether it’s the use of elegant drapery, lavish upholstery, or handcrafted woodwork, the details are never overlooked. Add a touch of Fairmont Empress flair to your home by introducing design elements like brass fixtures, vintage accessories, or hand-carved furniture.

The Fairmont Empress
Photo Credit: Fairmont Empress

Timeless Palette

The Empress’s elevated color palette harmonizes with its classical architecture. You can emulate this at home by opting for understated yet luxurious hues of emerald green, deep blues, and gold accents. This palette can serve as a backdrop for modern elements, curating a space that’s both traditional and current.

Premium Materials

Replicate the luxury of the Fairmont Gold experience by using top-tier materials in your home. Invest in high-end materials like hardwood floors and granite countertops. Even adding a cashmere throw or silk cushion can give a sumptuous feel to your interiors.

The Fairmont Empress
Photo Credit: Fairmont Empress

Multi-Functional Spaces

The Fairmont Gold Lounge is designed for versatility. It’s a tranquil place to read and work by day and a social hub for canapés by evening. Your home spaces should also be multi-functional. Incorporate modular furniture that can serve multiple purposes or elevated storage solutions that keep clutter at bay while acting as design features.

Fairmont Gold
Photo Credit: Fairmont Empress

Personalized Luxury

The Fairmont Gold experience includes personal butler service. While you may not have a butler at home, you can add personal touches that make your space unique. Family heirlooms, custom artwork, and smart home systems can make your home feel as individually tailored as a stay at the Fairmont Empress.


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