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Decorate Lazy Decorating Hacks

Essential Lazy Decorating Hacks Every Busy Homeowner Needs To Know

December 15, 2023 at 10:00 PM PST

Whether you do it for the holidays or at the start of every season, decorating an entire home can be overwhelming. This is especially true for busy homeowners who have a lot on their plates. Fortunately, there are many quick and convenient upgrades you can do to maintain a stylish living space. From clever organizational hacks to easy styling tricks, options are endless when it comes to lazy ways to decorate. The best part? A lot of these strategies are not only quick and convenient, but they are also affordable, and in many cases, free. So if you’re a busy homeowner, here are seven lazy ways to help you decorate your home.

Utilize multipurpose furniture.

Using furniture that serves multiple functions — i.e. storage ottomans or foldable coffee tables — can help make your space appear more streamlined. Not only does multipurpose furniture help eliminate clutter, but fewer pieces to coordinate can make decorating a whole lot quicker, too. So instead of shopping for multiple pieces for your space, focus on utilizing multipurpose furniture to make decorating a bit easier.

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Rely on neutral basics.

The color scheme of your space can have a lot to do with how challenging decorating is. It can be a lot easier to jazz up a neutral space with bold, bright accents than it is to make a flamboyant, colorful space feel cohesive. Because neutral tones provide a blank canvas for decorating, opt for basic colors such as gray or beige sofas and chairs. Furniture and decor made using bold colors are likely to feel dated over time.

Use clever storage solutions.

Another quick and convenient way to decorate is by incorporating more storage solutions into your space. Select multipurpose furniture options such as benches with lifted seats or side tables or ottomans that include interior compartments. Having storage solutions can help you minimize clutter for a cleaner, more attractive space.

Play with texture.

For an easy way to spice up your decor, try playing around with texture. Incorporating multiple textures in a single space can truly add visual interest to it. Think textured decor such as linens, pillows, throws, and rugs. For example, textured floor coverings like shag rugs can make a boring floor appear fresh and trendy. And plush velvet and faux fur accessories are perfect for promoting a luxurious space. Plus, when juxtaposed against smooth surfaces a la leather or linen sofas, they truly stand out.

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Create a gallery wall.

Many people think creating a gallery wall is hard, but in reality, it can be quite easy. Using an “asymmetrical grid” approach, you can create a fabulous gallery wall in no time. All you have to do is arrange a few larger accent pieces in a rectangular shape, ensuring you have plenty of negative space around it. Then, use varying coordinating frames featuring coordinating prints or photos to fill in the gaps. And voila! You have an artsy and polished gallery wall without all the fuss.

Play with dramatic lighting.

One of the easiest lazy ways to decorate your home is by modifying the lighting. For example, you can quickly upgrade a basic floor or table lamp by swapping it for a torchiere lamp for ambient background lighting to help set the mood in your space.

Focus on key zones.

If you have a particularly busy schedule, even decorating specific areas can make your entire home appear clean and polished. Pay special attention to areas such as the entryway, mantel, or sideboard in your home. Because these areas are visible from the front door, they can be especially important to decorate. Display seasonal decor and accessories to help keep your decor refreshed all year long.


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