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Lighting LED Lights

Here's How To Set the Mood in Any Space With LED Lights

August 15, 2023 at 7:54 PM PST
Lighting LED Lights

Here's How To Set the Mood in Any Space With LED Lights

August 15, 2023 at 7:54 PM PST

Whether you realize it or not, the color of LED lights in your home has an effect on your mood. Sometimes you may want to set the mood in your bedroom when it’s time for bed, or in your living room when you’re hosting multiple guests. You can create a sense of balance, warmth, intenseness, or relaxing moods based on LED colored lights, and here’s how it’s done.

Choose a Mood Light Depending on Location

Choosing a specific color based on the location in your house isn’t such a bad idea. In fact, it may help you decide what colors should go where based on your current mood or mood goal. Use these tips to better understand how to set the mood in these areas of your home.


When you enter your bedroom, you want to relax and unwind. This is where you’re settling in to get the best sleep or take a break from the day. Using LED light colors like blue or purple is perfect for serene, relaxed, and calming moods. In your bedroom, you want something that isn’t too harsh on your eyes either, which is why both of these colors work well.


In the mornings, you typically go into the bathroom right after waking up, and the bright lights are what energize you for the day. Stay connected to white lights in your bathroom, which can mimic natural daylight. Standard, warm, or bright white LED lights are all similar, but the slight change in warmth or brightness among the three can affect your mood in different ways. Try all three to decide which one you like best and which one puts you in the best mood possible.

bathroom led lights
Photo credit: Elizabeth Tamara

Living Room

The living room area never usually has one color at all times. This is where everyone gathers when you’re hosting a movie night, wine night, party or special event, which is why the moods will always alter depending on the vibe you want to give your guests. Plus, whatever color you decide on for guests will be different than when you’re alone watching TV, so take creative control here to decide which one best suits your preferences.

Create Moods With Different Colored LED Lights


Blue is typically one of the most liked LED light colors. It’s associated with feeling secure, trustworthy, serene, and more. The shade of blue, whether you decide teal or dark blue, produces different moods. Light blues are known to feel more soothing and healing, while dark blue is more intense. Blue light is meant to be relaxing and can reduce anxiousness. Use blue in your bedroom when you’re looking to spend the night in and just chill and relax on the couch.


The color of nature and the earth, green stimulates a calming mood. It also improves concentration, and when used in the right workspace, you’ll be surprised by your productivity level. Green generates harmony, healing, and relaxing moods, like blue. Light green LED lights are renewing, while darker green lights can be good for balance.


Red LED light colors generate passion, desire, courage, adventure, and several other moods. It’s one of the most popular and powerful colors to change your mood. It’s also a color that makes you alert or alarmed. That’s why you see stop signs or know something is wrong when you see a fire truck with red lights. Red is typically used in your bedroom area when you’re feeling lucky.

red LED light
Photo credit: Pars Sahin


Yellow LED light colors have a wide range and generate numerous different “feel good” moods. When you see the color yellow, you think of happiness or joy, like a sunflower or a sunny day. It automatically stimulates good energy. Yellow also produces moods like warmth, creativity, caution, relaxation, and more. When it comes to using LED lights, dimming the lights or using a low-light setting is what brings out the warmer yellow hues. Too much yellow can be attention-grabbing and disturbing, so keep the settings on low.

Orange is pretty similar to yellow in that it stimulates good energy. It’s friendly and cheerful, but can also indicate nervousness. Use the same key rules with orange as you would yellow.

Purple/ Violet

Purple is visually inviting because it’s not as harsh as blue or red. It’s just right to generate moods like luxury and royalty. Like blue, it has a calming and relaxing effect to reduce anxiety. It’s also motivating. Using purple is a great way to set the mood of your living area if you’re going for a sense of peace while also being lavish.



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