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What Is a Property Survey and Why Do You Need One?

July 6, 2023 at 11:34 PM PST

Whether you are interested in buying a home or trying to sell one, one of the most important things you can not afford to skip is having your property surveyed. Having your potential land surveyed is important for knowing exactly where your property lines begin and end. Despite the advancement of technology, it’s good to have physical proof in black and white if you have an emergency.

Here’s Why You Need Your Property Surveyed

Land surveys are needed for several reasons if you are a homeowner. Not only are they needed if you want to sell your home, but also if you want to build on your land because you’ll need to give the contractors the exact dimensions of the land you own, and land surveys can provide that. Most insurances won’t approve you if you don’t have the land surveyed, either. In the event of a divorce or your death, your land survey record will be used in your will, too.

The Motley Fool stated that “Old real estate legal descriptions may reference landmarks or monuments that are no longer on the property, so a land surveyor will have to take new measurements to provide accurate boundary lines. The surveyor may also place new land survey monuments as a reference point for corners and boundaries.” In other words, you need a surveyor to give you the most up-to-date details of your home.

Additionally, did you know that there are several types of property surveyors? From location to topography, these land surveyors are available to protect you as a homeowner. However, the most common land survey is the boundary/property line. “These legal boundaries of occupancy or possession are critical pieces of information to have before you build a fence, add a sunroom, or pave your driveway,” according to FindLaw.

Yet, these surveys are not cheap. Angi reported that the average land survey can run you roughly $500. However, knowing exactly what is and isn’t your property can save you thousands in the long wrong, not to mention unpleasant arguments with your neighbor.

Lastly, make sure you hire professional surveyors. You can either ask around your community or have real estate agents refer you to ones that they know and trust.


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