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Hosting Superbowl Activities

8 Things To Do In-Between Superbowl Commercials

So you can keep the energy high throughout the entire game.

February 9, 2024 at 9:32 PM PST

Superbowl Sunday is quickly approaching, with millions of Americans preparing for the big day. Not only do viewers anticipate the exciting game, but the entertaining commercials that have become an integral part of the experience.

But even though Superbowl commercials can be entertaining, taking breaks between the game can create a subtle lull in the energy. Instead of sitting through every commercial, why not use that time to have a bit of fun?

To make the next Superbowl party your best one yet, here are eight activities to do in between commercials.

A table with snacks
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Snack Stadium Building

For Superbowl Sunday, a snack stadium is where it’s at. Before the meal arrives, participants can try their hand at constructing a makeshift stadium made out of snacks. To build your stadium, you can use a wide variety of snacks such as veggie sticks, pretzels, chips and dip, and candies. You can either host a snack-building competition or make it a team effort with everyone chipping in to help build a great, big stadium together.

Football Trivia Challenge

If you’re a big football fan, why not test your knowledge in between commercial breaks with a quick trivia challenge? To play, start by preparing a list of questions related to the sport, including history, players, and iconic plays. Whoever answers the most questions correctly wins the game.

Jersey Fashion Show

Rep your favorite NFL player with a jersey fashion show. To keep the Superbowl action going in between breaks, ask attendees to put their team spirit on display by striking their best touchdown celebration poses. Just be sure to let your loved ones know to bring their favorite jersey ahead of time so they have time to plan their outfits.

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Commercial Rating Game

If your favorite part about Superbowl Sunday is the commercials, you’re in luck. You can turn the commercial breaks into a fun competition by rating each one. Invite participants to vote after each commercial, scoring based on a number of things such as creativity or humor. Then, award prizes to the person(s) with the most accurate predictions.

DIY Photo Booth

Nothing says party like a photo booth! But rather than paying an arm and a leg to rent a booth, you can set up your own DIY photo booth instead. To do this, pick an area in the home where you can place props and backdrops for your photo booth. Then in between commercials, you can invite your loved ones to take pictures to make the party even more memorable.

Commercial Spoof Contest

For the content creator at heart, tap into your creative side with a commercial spoof competition. To play, challenge your loved ones to come up with their own version of a TV commercial. They can make it funny, clever, informative, inspiring, etc. — whatever they like! The person or group with the best-rated commercial spoof wins.

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Touchdown Dance-Off

For the true party animals, celebrate every touchdown with a spontaneous dance-off. Invite your loved ones to put their best moves on display during commercial breaks. Whether you turn it into a friendly competition or just a fun bonding activity, this entertaining game is the perfect way to keep the energy high during lulls in the game.

Super Bowl Commercial Bingo

Test your ability to focus with a fun game of Superbowl Commercial Bingo. You can do this by creating bingo cards featuring common things often found in Super Bowl commercials — i.e. talking animals, funny catchphrases, or celebrities. When you spot something, cross it off your bingo card until a winner takes first place.



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