A Triadic Color Scheme Is the Key To Creating a Vibrant and Colorful Space
Decorate Triadic Color Scheme

A Triadic Color Scheme Is the Key To Creating a Vibrant and Colorful Space

March 8, 2024 at 9:01 PM PST

Choosing between different colors when designing a home just might be the most difficult part. Having a cohesive color scheme in your home will really bring the space together and tell a story about your home. For example, earth-tone colors pair well with a biophilic design space whereas neutral tones pair well with an organic modern style.

Interior designers have always considered color schemes very important when designing a home. Because your home is a safe space, you’ll want to bring in calm colors that promote relaxation and coziness.

The triadic color scheme is often used by interior designers. For those of you who haven’t heard of triadic colors, refer to the color wheel. The triadic color scheme consists of three colors on the wheel, one primary color, one secondary color and one tertiary color. Typically the triadic color scheme consists of red, yellow and blue, but can also include other various combinations like green, violet and orange. It’s easy to remember this color scheme because these colors from the wheel form a triangle.

In design spaces, if you’re going to use a triadic color scheme, you want to make sure the colors mesh well together and complement each other and the space. Here’s how to apply a triadic color scheme in home design.

Applying a Triadic Color Scheme

To incorporate a triadic color scheme in your home, utilize shades of green, violet and orange. Pictured: A green velvet couch

Because a triadic color scheme consists of bright, vibrant and warm colors, pairing these colors together might be a bit difficult, especially when you’re designing a living room, kitchen or bathroom. While this color scheme is perfect for a kid’s bedroom, there are also ways to incorporate this color scheme into other rooms in the home.

To apply the triadic color scheme, try to create a proper balance with the colors. You don’t want to use too much of one color but you want to make sure the scheme fits within the space. If you want to use colors like red, yellow and blue, consider using white furniture to balance the colors out. A white sofa can pair well with decor in these shades. Try incorporating vases, picture frames, throw pillows and blankets and coffee table books in these colors to make the space stand out.

If you decide to use colors like green, violet and orange instead, get creative with the space. Include a green velvet couch in the space and decorate using orange throw pillows or blankets. Utilize violet through small decor items like vases, artwork, books, frames and more.

Benefits of a Triadic Color Scheme

There are many benefits to including a triadic color scheme in your home. Increased energy, calmness and relaxation are just a few. Pictured: A room with chairs in the triadic color scheme.

Incorporating a triadic scheme will brighten up any space in your home. This color scheme is often used in kid’s bedrooms and playrooms to encourage play and creativity. The tone and different shades in the room can also boost your mood, as most of these colors promote calmness, relaxation and energy. They are beneficial when entertaining, as they make your guests feel right at home and create a happy and vibrant atmosphere. A triadic color scheme often adds dimension to the home and makes for a stylish, functional and lively space.


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