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Art Wall Art Size Guide

Picture Perfect: A Wall Art Size Guide To Add Balance to Your Home

November 3, 2023 at 9:25 PM PST
Art Wall Art Size Guide

Picture Perfect: A Wall Art Size Guide To Add Balance to Your Home

November 3, 2023 at 9:25 PM PST

Wall art is necessary for your home. It adds character, personality, and a luxe aesthetic to blank, empty walls that lack variety. From gallery walls displaying multiple framed photos of all shapes and sizes to one large work of art that hovers over your couch, they provide an instant home upgrade.

The easy part of wall art is choosing the pieces you like and match your style. However, it’s difficult to capture the true beauty of wall art when it’s hung in a place that may overlook it or make it too obvious. It’s important the dimensions of the wall and wall art pieces are proportionate to each other. If not, it can make or break your interior. This size guide will ensure your dimensions are just right to hang and admire your artwork.

How To Choose Wall Art Sizes

No one wants beautiful artwork that is overlooked by the vast empty space that is your wall. Additionally, no one wants artwork that is too big in a tight wall space, creating a cluttered look. The goal is to achieve displaying your artwork in a beautiful way that isn’t compact, but balanced. Choosing the correct size of wall art is all about selecting sizes that make the space look elevated. You can decorate a blank wall space in numerous creative ways. Take a look at the different sizes of wall art and when to use them.

Small Wall Art

You can assume that smaller art pieces work best in smaller spaces, and you’d be right. Hang or place these mini prints alongside each other, as they’re best paired in sets or clusters. Decorate bookshelves and allow the works of art to play off each other, whether it be in size or color palette.

Photo credit: Jonny Caspari

Width: 8–13”
Height: 10–19”

Due to the petite size, these smaller prints are easy to switch and swap around to create new artwork or freshen up your space. If you want to change things up a bit, style them as accessories or hang them up alongside other artwork. That said, if you’re open to building a gallery wall, consider using smaller pieces to help complete it.

Medium Wall Art

If you’re looking for artwork that can stand alone or in sets, medium artwork will do the job. They’re not too big or too small, allowing the space to feel full without overdoing it. Think of smaller spaces like an office for a single medium piece, or for larger spaces, use it in a set to set the tone for your interior.

Photo credit: Kam Idris

Width: 18–20”
Height: 20–24”

You can add uniformity and modernity to your interior design when they’re shown in a set while complementing other decor pieces. This in-between size is also great for propping up or leaning against the wall for a unique way to show off your style.

Large Wall Art

With large art, you can make a statement, catch eyes, and be the topic of conversation. You can do all of this with just one hook and a little bit of strength. The size is also beautiful in sets if the space allows. If not, a single large piece can make as much of an impact as two or three.

Photo credit: @hoursinplace / Instagram

Width: 20–22”
Height: 28–36”

Oversized Wall Art

Oversized wall art is beautifully displayed in very big, open spaces. Typically, it’s shown as one, single work of art, though can it also be shown as a set, depending on the amount of wall space you’re working with.

Photo credit: @kathykuohome / Instagram

Width: 24” and up
Height: 36” and up

Ideally, extra large artwork is presented in your living room above your sofa, in the bedroom above your bed, or in a long, wide hallway. It gives your space a new transformation and sets a new tone. Say goodbye to empty walls, and hello to newfound elegance and sophistication.



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