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Bath ZigZagZurich 2023 Artist Collection

The ZigZagZurich 2023 Artist Collection Is Transforming Shower Curtains Into Artwork

August 7, 2023 at 3:58 PM PST

Switzerland textile and fabric-based company ZigZagZurich recently unveiled its 2023 shower curtain collection. Each artist involved created their own playful and vivid interpretation of what escapism in your bathroom can look like. The collection features 11 distinct shower curtains. Each curtain is printed on high-quality Panama cotton, and the linens are adorned with original artwork from each artist.

In a recent press release, ZigZagZurich issued a statement about the new collection, saying that “each curtain tells its own unique story, inviting us to embark on a voyage of self-discovery and boundless possibilities.”

A Sneak Peek at the ZigZagZurich 2023 Artist Collection

ZZZ shower curtain
Photo credit: ZigZagZurich

The collection includes eight artists: Alexander Buhler, Arthur Ristor, Astrid Schmid, Dario Cortese, Karin Wunderlin, Katherine Lodge, and Klub Galopp (a duo that consists of artists Nina Calderone and Maria Reh). The artists all have robust, well-established creative backgrounds that range from illustration and graphic design to childhood educators to glass furniture design. No matter which artist’s shower curtain you choose, this collection is a burst of energy that will add an unexpected vibe to your bathroom.

ZigZagZurich is operated by a company called 4Spaces. 4Spaces is a textile company based in Switzerland that produces its own exclusive textile collections for interiors. 4Spaces wants to foster an environment where artists can maintain artistic originality in their works.

“Our thoughtfully curated designs provide playful escapes from the everyday hustle–whether it’s on vibrant dance floors, sun-kissed spring meadows, or simply within the peaceful confines of your own bathroom,” the brand stated on its website.

If you find that your bathroom is a bit too bland, try these curtains. Sometimes every space needs a pick-me-up, and these one-of-a-kind shower curtains will do just the trick. The burst of colors will give you the much-need dopamine boost you need.



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