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Hosting Guest Bedroom Air Mattresses

How To Pick the Right Air Mattress for Your Guest Bedroom

Here's what to look for in an air mattress so that your guests are as comfortable as possible during their stay.

January 21, 2024 at 7:29 AM PST
Hosting Guest Bedroom Air Mattresses

How To Pick the Right Air Mattress for Your Guest Bedroom

Here's what to look for in an air mattress so that your guests are as comfortable as possible during their stay.

January 21, 2024 at 7:29 AM PST

When it comes to hosting guests overnight in your home, comfort is key. An air mattress is an excellent solution for your guest bedroom as it offers a flexible and cozy sleeping option. Unlike traditional beds, air mattresses can be easily stored when not in use, making them an ideal choice for homes with limited space. Additionally, modern air mattresses are designed with enhanced comfort features to ensure that your guests get a good night’s sleep.

Our Top Air Mattress Picks

Why You Should Choose an Air Mattress

The main advantage of an air mattress is its versatility. You can easily inflate and deflate them as needed, making transforming your guest room a breeze. They’re ideal for temporary setups, like having guests over for a few nights. Air mattresses are also more affordable than regular beds, which is great for the budget-conscious homeowner. Their portability means you can use them for other purposes, such as camping or as an extra bed for family gatherings.

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What To Look for in a Good Air Mattress

When shopping for an air mattress, consider the following factors to ensure you choose a high-quality product:

Size and Height

Air mattresses come in various sizes, from twin to king. Consider the size of your guest room and the number of guests you usually host. Opt for a raised mattress, as they are easier to get in and out of, closely mimicking the feel of a traditional bed.

Material and Durability

Look for puncture-resistant materials that can withstand regard use. A good air mattress should be made of thick, durable material, such as reinforced vinyl or PVC.

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Pump Type

Decide between a manual or electric pump. Electric pumps offer convenience and faster inflation, but manual pumps are useful as well.

Comfort Features

Some air mattresses come with added features like built-in pillows, flocked tops for extra comfort, or adjustable firmness settings. These can significantly enhance the sleeping experience for your guests.

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Storage and Maintenance

Consider how easy the mattress is to store and maintain. Look for models that come with a storage bag and require low maintenance.

Keep scrolling for the best air mattresses to invest in ASAP.

18-inch Queen Size Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

Transform your guest bedroom into a welcoming retreat with this luxurious 18-inch Queen Size Air Mattress, perfect for hosting overnight guests. With a velvet-like flocked top, it offers the plush comfort of a traditional bed, ensuring a restful night’s sleep. Its inner-coil air beam construction supports up to 600 pounds, providing stability and full-body support. There’s a built-in 110V pump, ensuring quick, hassle-free inflation and deflation, making setup and storage a breeze. Durable and puncture-resistant, this air mattress combines comfort and durability.

Beautyrest Duet Queen Inflatable Air Mattress, Built-in Tri-Zone Pump

Enhance your guest bedroom with the Beautyrest Silver Duet 18-inch Queen Air Mattress. This air bed features individual Left and Right air chambers, allowing guests to adjust their side from firm to plush using the innovative tri-action internal pump. The velvety plush surface and air-tight vinyl construction offer a luxurious sleep experience while resisting air loss. The bed inflates to an 18-inch height to ensure easy access. Included is a lightweight carry bag and a 3-year limited warranty.

Simmons RestAire Raised Inflatable Air Mattress, Built-in No-Leak Air Pump

This premium air mattress is designed to provide the same cushioned support as a traditional mattress. Its top-air bed design ensures exceptional pressure-relieving comfort and support with minimal motion transfer and features an inset pump with an auto shut-off for safe, quick inflation and deflation in just over 2 minutes. The soft, breathable cover keeps guests cool while preventing sheets from slipping. Its innovative no-sag edge support offers stability and easy in getting out of bed. Constructed with extra thick puncture-resistant vinyl and antimicrobial treatment, this express bed promises durability and hygiene for years of hosting.

Sellersville Air Mattress

This inflatable air mattress, equipped with an internal NeverFlat AC pump, is an ideal addition to your guest bedroom, ensuring your guests enjoy a comfortable stay. It features advanced sensors that continuously monitor air pressure, silently activating a secondary pump to maintain consistent firmness. This air mattress has a raised height to facilitate easy access and includes a carry bag for effortless transportation and storage.

Index TruAire Queen Air Mattress with Electric Pump

The TrueAire II 20” Queen air mattress is a perfect blend of sleep technology innovation and environmental consciousness, making it an ideal choice for your guest bedroom. Crafted with superior TPU material, it offers unparalleled comfort, durability, and portability. This air mattress is PVC-free, and its ultra-soft sleeping surface adapts to the body’s shape while being 6 pounds lighter than traditional air mattresses. Exceptionally durable, this air mattress boasts 2.5 times greater puncture resistance. It’s eco-friendly and Intertrek Sustainability-Certified Clean Air Gold.

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