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Don't Sleep on Home Decor From Aldi

July 3, 2023 at 11:27 PM PST

Did you know that Aldi sells home furnishings?

A lot of people don’t, including the people who are already shopping there. While people typically associate Aldi with affordable, fresh food and limited-time seasonal eats, the national retailer has been slowly expanding into home goods, and Aldi shoppers are excited. Now you can find home decor pieces at a bargain while you shop for fresh produce and other goods.

Lately, the retailer has been adding a few integral home decor pieces to help shoppers transition into the new season. Some shoppers couldn’t believe it. One YouTuber named Katie Vining said she didn’t know Aldi was selling home goods but had to see for herself if the rumors were true. In her video, she found outdoor furniture, kitchenware, planters, and a hanging chair.

Aldi Home Decor To Be on the Lookout For

The home products are known as “Aldi Finds.” These decor items vary from store to store and products are limited. Regular Aldi shoppers know that once an item is gone, it’s gone for the season.

In an April press release, Aldi detailed their small but growing home decor section. “ALDI Finds are limited-time, specialty items, released each week and displayed within a dedicated aisle — lovingly nicknamed the “Aisle of Fun” by fans. Typically tied to a theme or season, ALDI Finds are intended to delight shoppers with new and innovative products that range from unique foods and home goods to unexpected finds like home and kitchen must-haves and self-care essentials.”

In their weekly ad circular for July 5 until July 11, Aldi’s home goods include but aren’t limited to kitchen rugs, bedsheets, pillows, couch tables, a bakeware set, a knife set and more. Explore their website to view upcoming product releases and see what the brand might soon have in store.

Now that they have home decor, it’s going to be hard to ignore this store for too long. Consider this your heads up and check out your local Aldi to see what’s in stock.


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