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How To Know When It's Time To Remodel Your Bathroom

These telltale signs will help you determine whether or not it's time for a bathroom makeover.

January 4, 2024 at 7:19 AM PST

Just like humans, our homes often start showing signs of aging over time. This is particularly true as it relates to the bathroom because it sees more foot traffic than other areas of the home. And throughout the years, when the wear and tear of being “lived in” starts to show, it can make the space appear dated and drab.

But having an outdated bathroom isn’t the worst of it. An uncared-for bathroom can also pose a series of potential safety hazards, from slippery floors to faulty electrical systems. So to ensure your space remains clean and safe, there are several signs of aging to look out for. Here are five signals that your bathroom is in dire need of a revamp:

Outdated Decor

Interior design trends come and go pretty frequently throughout the years. What experts deem en vogue today can quickly be called out of style by this time next year, or even sooner. The rapid evolution of interior design fads can make staying on trend very challenging, which is why many homeowners pick and choose which design styles to adopt instead. And while you certainly don’t have to make keeping up with the Benjamins a priority, having too much outdated decor can actually signal that your bathroom is aging.

Signs of an outdated bathroom include faded tiles, dull cabinetry, or just a lack of visual appeal in your bathroom. So if stepping into your bathroom feels like a journey back in time, it might be time to revamp your space.

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Deteriorating Fixtures and Surfaces

Over time, the fixtures and surfaces in your bathroom may start to wear out, which can signal that your bathroom is beginning to age as well. Evidence of this wear and tear includes leaky faucets, discolored grout, and corroded showerheads, which not only make your bathroom appear unkempt but can create further damage such as mold and mildew growth, bad odors, and water damage.

To avoid having to spend a fortune on costly repairs in the future, make maintaining your bathroom a part of your regular routine. Adhering to a maintenance schedule can help remind you to tackle any problems you notice when they arise.

Diminished Safety Features

As we grow older, bathroom safety becomes a paramount concern. Older people tend to carry a greater risk of slips and falls, and because the bathroom houses a number of potential safety risks — i.e. slippery surfaces, high tub walls, and inadequate lighting — modifying the space to prevent accidents is of utmost importance.

To ensure your safety, consider remodeling your bathroom to include important safety features such as grab bars, slip-resistant flooring, and proper lighting. Doing so can create a safer space for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Inefficient Plumbing and Fixtures

If you have an older bathroom, scheduling regular maintenance on your plumbing systems is important. Older plumbing systems tend to have more issues, from clogs to leaks to reduced water pressure. Plus, if your fixtures are outdated, you’re more likely to experience inadequate water usage.

Fortunately, scrapping old plumbing and fixtures can address all of these signs of aging. But beyond that, remodeling your bathroom can introduce you to valuable water-saving technologies, which not only promote sustainability but save you a lot of money, too.

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Changing Family Needs

It’s natural for your needs to change as you become older, especially if you plan on growing your family. Your needs as a couple are likely a lot different than your needs as a parent. And having a bathroom that evolves with you is important.

Whether you need additional storage, an adjustable showerhead, or improved lighting, remodeling your bathroom means you can keep up with your current lifestyle, making each new season a lot easier to navigate.



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