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Here's Why You Need a Bidet, and The Best Ones On the Market

You (and your butt) will never be the same after buying one of these bidets.

January 29, 2024 at 3:45 AM PST

While bidets were once seen as a lavish extravagance, the bathroom game changers should now be considered vital additions delivering both luxury and improved hygiene to every home. Contrary to popular belief, installing your own posterior cleaning experience is surprisingly simple (and affordable!) nowadays courtesy of intuitive attachment models. We’re breaking down exactly why bidets deserve a spot in every bath along with two attachment models that make experiencing this European-approved sanitary staple smooth sailing.

The Benefits of Having a Bidet in Your Bathroom

From ultra-refreshing washes to eco-friendly paper savings, today’s user-friendly bidet attachments provide toilet upgrades that benefit your body, wallet and environment. And modern innovations mean anyone can outfit their existing seat with these once out-of-reach spa-like extras in minutes and minus any confusing tools. Between approachable pricing, stress-free enhancements and serious cleanliness perks, the time has come to say bye-bye to dry tissue-only routines!

Our Favorite Bidet Attachments

Photo Credit: TUSHY

The TUSHY Classic 3.0

This clever attachment delivers the bliss of a fresh water butt bath using clean water, just like your sink. The slimmed down design now installs in minutes with no plumbing or electricity required thanks to intuitive adjustable fittings and a handy 6-foot hose reaching your water source. Beyond its sleek new silhouette, enhanced precision pressure controls let you customize both anal and feminine cleaning while the nozzle’s spray pattern optimizes to suit all bodies. Bring the rejuvenating comfort of a European-style bidet home with TUSHY’s effortless updated essential.


Photo Credit: LUXE Bidet

NEO 320 Plus from Luxe Bidet

Luxe Bidet allows customizing both water pressure and temperatures for supreme comfort. Alongside twin adjustable nozzles and a vortex wash mode, the NEO 320 Plus cleans confidently with just the touch of a lever. Its svelte profile makes for fuss-free installation while still packing advanced self-cleaning capabilities and protective finishes preventing the buildup of unmentionables.

When it comes to elevating our most private moments, today’s bidet offerings bridge the gap between decadence and accessibility like never before. With bundles full of custom comforts at just a fraction of their former price tag, discover what the fuss over posterior pampering is all about.



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