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Bath Bidets

Here’s Why Every Homeowner Needs A Bidet

May 3, 2023 at 1:37 AM PST
Bath Bidets

Here’s Why Every Homeowner Needs A Bidet

May 3, 2023 at 1:37 AM PST

You may have seen bidets in bathrooms while traveling abroad. A popular product in Europe and parts of the Middle East, bidets help with cleanliness and personal hygiene. They are also great for keeping clean between showers.

While bidets may be normal attachments in other countries, they have not been historically common in American households. Previously, if a homeowner wanted a bidet, they had to consider expanding their plumbing to accommodate one. However, with modern times come modern solutions. There are ways for homeowners to have one without renovating their current bathrooms.

What’s a Bidet?

A bidet is a bowl that is placed beside a toilet. Its purpose is to allow the user to clean themselves in a more hygienic fashion after using the bathroom. Bidets are becoming increasingly popular in American households.

Every homeowner needs to have it

With more homeowners exploring the possibility of having a bidet at home, there are more products on the market. Some bidets are simple attachment pieces that you place on your toilet. There also are some available that can replace your toilet top. For tech-savvy homeowners, there are bidets available that can be connected to your phone’s Bluetooth.

Easy-to-install bidets and attachments make it hard to resist the possibility of an added luxury experience for your home bathroom. Every homeowner needs to explore owning it. With a bidet, you can finally transform your home bathroom into a room of ultimate luxury. After using it once, it will be hard to live without it.

Whether you have a standard-size, round toilet or an elongated-shaped toilet, you can find a bidet to fit your needs and budget.

Home & Texture found some of the most popular bidets online that homeowners can’t get enough of. Check out this list and find a bidet that’s right for you.

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ALPHA BIDET iX Hybrid Bidet Toilet Seat

This ALPHA BIDET iX Hybrid Bidet toilet seat is a standard-size round option for your bathroom toilet. This bidet unit is easy to install and has all the glamour and sparkles of a traditional bidet. With the option to have a heated seat and continuous warm water, your bathroom experience will never be the same again. This bidet has a LED night light that glows a soft and futuristic blue tone. It is ideal for those late-night bathroom breaks. With a small, warm dryer for hands-free drying, this bidet will bring you comfort for years to come.

CL950-RW Swash Electronic Toilet Seat Bidet

The CL950-RW Swash Electronic Toilet Seat Bidet by Brondell is a size-inclusive bidet that is adjustable to everybody that sits on the seat. This bidet is made to fit on your already existing toilet, so no complicated plumbing is necessary. The Swash makes other toilets look antiquated with its almost unlimited customizable options. This bidet comes equipped with a remote control with five adjustable nozzle settings, which includes a massage setting. It's also heated and comes with an air-cleaning deodorizer to ensure your bathroom smells clean and fresh. The bidet is made out of stainless steel and the nozzle is self-cleaning that is programmed to cleanse itself after every use.

NEO 185 Mechanical Bidet Attachment

If you want a bidet that has a more feminine touch, then the NEO 185 Mechanical Bidet Attachment from LUXE Bidet is a great option for you. It comes in three color options: rose gold, white, and blue. This bidet is slim, which makes it ideal for people who may have smaller bathrooms or tighter toilet spaces. Installing this bidet is not difficult and any DIY enthusiast will find the instructions simple. Whether you have a standard round toilet or something bigger, this bidet will accommodate your commode.

SB-100R Electric Bidet Toilet Seat

If you've always wanted a bidet, but haven't found one that fits your larger-than-life toilet, then this SB-100R Electric Bidet Toilet Seat for Elongated Toilets from Smart Bidet is the answer you have been looking for. For homeowners who have elongated toilet seats, it could be a bit difficult to find bidets that aren't clunky and give you the refreshing cleaning you desire from a bidet. Although this bidet doesn't have an air dryer, it does have a heated seat and the option to choose warm water at your convenience. This is a quality, affordable option for those with longer toilets.

Side-Mounted All Metal Attachable Bidet with Adjustable Spray Wand Dual Temperature

If you are looking for a more eco-friendly bidet option, Brondell has the attachable bidet with an adjustable spray wand. With this product, you have the option to choose warm or cool water. This bidet offers full coverage, leaving you as fresh as you would be after a shower. With seven different adjustable nozzles to choose from, you can get the ultimate cleaning without the hassle of a bulky bidet.. This bidet serves as an attachment, and it can accommodate any size toilet.

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