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Decorate Fall Decor

Hello, Fall! Cozy and Chic Ways To Spruce Up Your Porch This Autumn

September 5, 2023 at 5:52 PM PST
Decorate Fall Decor

Hello, Fall! Cozy and Chic Ways To Spruce Up Your Porch This Autumn

September 5, 2023 at 5:52 PM PST

As the air turns crisp, the days get shorter, and the leaves start to turn, there’s no better time to transform your porch into an autumnal oasis with cozy charm. Why not give your porch a little love with a makeover that screams, “Hello, Fall!” You don’t need to go overboard with pumpkins—just a few touches here and there can turn your porch into the ultimate autumn hangout spot.

pumpkins on porch
Photo Credit: Robin Jonathan Deutsch

When decorating your porch this fall, think cozy, chic, and Insta-worthy. Here’s how to make your porch the neighborhood showstopper this fall.

Statement Planters with Seasonal Florals

Start by upgrading your planters to something that suits the season, such as glazed ceramic or hammered copper. Fill the planters with seasonal florals like spruce trees, chrysanthemums, or ornamental cabbage. Consider adding LED lighting to your planters for a charming evening atmosphere.

Vintage Furniture with a Modern Twist

Swap out your summery wicker or plastic chairs for furniture that’s more autumn-appropriate. Think vintage wrought-iron benches with modern geometric throw pillows or mid-century wooden chairs with sheepskin throws. These pieces are visually stunning and invite people to sit back, relax, and get cozy.

rugs on porch
Photo Credit: Loi Bui Trong

Layered Rugs

Textiles add warmth to any space they’re in. Add a warm touch to your porch by layering rugs. Start by layering an outdoor sisal rug with a colorful, weather-resistant design to curate a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Artisanal Door Wreaths

Think beyond the traditional wreath this season. Local artisans usually create unique, eye-catching wreaths featuring items like dried fruit and cinnamon sticks. These wreaths provide a stylish focus point and exude bespoke luxury.

Ambient Lighting

Place outdoor lighting strategically to elevate your entire porch space. Battery-operated lanterns or solar-powered garden stakes offer a soft flow without the hassle of wiring. Fairy lights help to create a magical ambiance, perfect for autumn evenings.

fairy lights
Photo Credit: David Pennington

Tailored Accessories

Complete your porch decor with unique accessories like a personalized monogrammed doormat. Add in brass or copper elements, like wind chimes or a vintage doorbell, that patina over time to add character to your space.


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