Designer Bathroom Accessories: 7 of Our Faves
Bath Decorate Bathroom Accessories

Designer Bathroom Accessories On Our Wishlist

April 19, 2023 at 2:57 AM PST
Bath Decorate Bathroom Accessories

Designer Bathroom Accessories On Our Wishlist

April 19, 2023 at 2:57 AM PST

Designer bathroom accessories can help turn a plain, uninspired bathroom into a dreamy, personal oasis. And because we spend a lot of time in the bathroom at home, why not ensure we get a luxe experience every time?

Behind the Appeal of Designer Bathrooms

The appeal of designer bathrooms lies in their beauty combined with the convenience of modern technology. A designer bathroom can elevate any ordinary washroom space into a calming self-care sanctuary.

Unlike traditional bathrooms that focus on functionality, designer bathrooms blend form and function into a harmonious package. This means you get all the practicality you need out of your bathroom while still enjoying the beautiful aesthetics of its high-end design.

Designer bathrooms can come in many different styles, from classic Victorian designs to ultra-modern high gloss finishes – whatever suits your tastes best!

The fixtures in a designer bathroom are also far more luxurious than those in a traditional bathroom. From luxurious designer taps to heated towel rails, you can be sure of your bathroom’s highest-quality materials and craftsmanship. Not only do these pieces look great, but they also make using the bathroom a luxe experience.

Designer Bathroom Accessories On Our Wishlist

Whether you have a quarter bathroom or a master bathroom, there are a number of ways to enhance this necessary room in your home with quality, designer accessories.

With the help of a few great pieces, you can experience the lap of luxury from the comfort of your home. Here are seven of the best designer bathroom accessories that can add a touch of opulence to your washroom:

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Creative Knot Tissue Box

The Creative Tissue Box from Apollo is the perfect addition to your designer bathroom. Made from quality ceramic, this tissue box is beautiful and durable, which means you can use it for a long time. It's also a great design touch to guest bathrooms. With an incredible knot detail, this tissue box makes for an excellent conversation piece. These stunning tissue boxes are available in two neutral colors to match nearly any color scheme. The best part about this tissue box is that even though it looks complicated, it's super easy to set up. It can easily cover a small tissue box to complement any designer bathroom.

Rustic Soapdish with Strainer

Say goodbye to slimy soap scum that collects at the bottom of your soap bars and holders. This Rustic Soap Dish from Kim Hau Ceramics is perfect for storing your soap and maintaining them.

Just place the soap dish on an edge near your faucet for effortless drainage. And because every product is made to order, you can be sure that your soap dish is made with great care. The designer, Kim Hau, crafts each dish on a pottery wheel using stoneware clay, then fires them in an electric kiln at more than 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit!

And as a result, her simple and effective design can make a world of difference when it comes to ensuring you get as much use out of your soaps as possible.

Mason Jar Shelf

For a modern way to store your toothbrush, try this Mason Jar Shelf from boldmfg. Perfect for quarter bathrooms with less space, this wall mount can help you keep your area neat and clean in style.

You can use it to store toothbrushes, cotton balls, hair accessories, and other bathroom supplies. Plus, every order includes two wall mounts so that you can use them in multiple rooms.

Even better, each product is made in Austin, Texas, so if you reside in the area, you can save money on shipping costs by picking it up in-store!

Clear Soap Dispenser

This shop dispenser from Cocosa Co. is an excellent addition to any designer bathroom. Not only is it more convenient than using bar soap, but it also improves the overall look of your space.

It features a gorgeous crystal clear front detail — perfect for displaying colorful soaps or lotions. And because it's made from eco-friendly plastic, this soap dispenser is sleek and helpful for the environment. Not to mention, it's also reusable, making it cost-efficient, too.

This soap dispenser lets you quickly and conveniently dispense the perfect amount of liquid soap directly onto your hands in style.

Live Pole Moss Bath Mat

Give your bathroom a stunning, organic touch with a moss bath mat! This live pole moss bath Mat is especially perfect for bathrooms since moss thrives in moist environments. So every time you shower or bathe, the water droplets help nourish and enrich it, providing just what this delightful little plant needs to stay alive and flourishing.

Not only does this luxurious surface feel wonderful beneath your feet, but it also helps keep your bathroom floor dry and inviting. With this Live Pole Moss Bath Mat, you can make every visit to the restroom a special experience by appealing to nature!

6Nordic Style Teak Bath Mat

A teak bath mat is an often overlooked yet highly beneficial addition to any bathroom. This natural material has several advantages over synthetic alternatives, providing unparalleled luxury and lasting durability.

So why not transform your bathroom into an incredible spa retreat with this stunning Nordic-style teak bath mat? Strings fasten its 14 wooden slats together, so you can easily roll it up for convenient portability and storage. Its premium oiled finish protects it from damage and prevents nicks or cracks!

Even better, each bath mat has premium rubber foot backings for your safety.

7Boho Shower Set

Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary with this ultra stylish and modern Boho fabric shower curtain set. Each set comes complete with a bath mat, towel, and hand towel for your convenience.

Each product is made from quality materials for a luxurious look AND feel. Not to mention, the accompanying memory foam bath mat includes an anti-slip backing for your safety.

You can purchase them each separately or as an entire collection. Either way, this elegant ensemble will be the perfect addition to any bathroom decor!

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