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5 Must-Have Front Porch Rugs

March 15, 2023 at 8:09 PM PST

Do you feel like your house looks incomplete on the outside? Sure, you might have a shrub or two, but how welcoming is your home once you or someone else step onto your porch?

When you think of front porch rugs, you probably begin to think of your own childhood and the rugs your parents used to have. But now, as a new homeowner, you can enjoy some of the modern and futuristic front porch rugs on the market today.

Layering Front Porch Rugs

There is a trend that is gaining popularity with homeowners online which is known as layering rugs. The concept is simple; you buy two rugs, in two different sizes with two different styles to make one look. Some homeowners use contrasting colors to pull together a look to create the ultimate curbside appeal.

Layering rugs can also be a fun and creative way to have two rugs you can rotate whenever you want. You can layer front porch rugs throughout the season and they will bring more personality to the entrance of your home.

Take this time to explore some front porch rugs that are full of personality and color. Try to focus on something that you want your rug to highlight. If you want to focus on the natural finish of your home, pick a rug that has some colors that will complement the colors of your door, steps, or front-facing wall. You can even match the colors in your garden if you have flowers and bushes already blooming.

This year, try to steer away from the typical dark, mundane front porch rugs that you might be used to. Instead, opt for vibrant colors, jazzy and abstract prints and culturally inspired patterns and designs to brighten up the front of your house.

Check out these five jaw-dropping front porch rugs that will make your head turn twice.

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Calypso Rug

Welcome friends and family into your home with this beautiful and eye-catching front porch rug. This rug, part of the Calypso collection from Rugs, comes in nine different sizes and lengths. Opt for a standard square welcome mat or choose a runner that can go from the front door to your steps. This rug is made with polypropylene, so it's soft and not difficult to clean. It will make a great addition to your home no matter the size rug you pick to adorn your front porch. With it's bold colors, you will let your guests know that your home is full of good vibes.

Pashio Square Area Rug

This rug is quite dreamy. The Pashio Multi Square Area Rug by Bayshore Homes will make your front porch more lively. For the ultimate curbside appeal, this rug delivers enough color to stand out amongst your neighbors but it's subtle enough not to clash with your other decor. If you have pets and children, you know how important it is to buy decor pieces that last a long time. This rug is a breeze to clean and doesn't shed like other rugs. Those quiet nights on the front porch will be cozier with a beautiful rug that you know will stand the test of time.

Outdoor Crumpled Rug

Here's a rug that has just the right amount of color splashed into it. This Outdoor Crumpled Multi Square Rug by Unique Loom at Home Depot is in style through every season. This abstract rug will make a great addition to a wraparound porch or any porch that receives a good amount of sunlight. This rug is also made with fade-resistant materials therefore you won't have to worry about buying a new rug every few years. You'll enjoy spending your sunny and warm days on your porch with a rug that you know can tolerate all the fond memories and people that will walk in and out of your home.

Hemsworth Handmade Blue Rug

Nautical vibes meet curb appeal with this Hemsworth Handmade Blue Rug by Beachcrest Home at Wayfair. This rug has a beautiful tropical feel to it with its tender illustration of a sea turtle on it. This rug is also available in several sizes and shapes so you can layer it with other rugs or you can let this one rock by itself. The multiple colors of blue, green and orange will allow you to play around with earth tones on your front porch. Being both stain and water-resistant, you can rest assured that your rug can survive tumultuous weather no matter where you live.

Tufted Maribelle Rug

This Persian-inspired Tufted Maribelle Rug from Anthropologie is truly a standout beauty for any porch. It comes in five different sizes and three colors including maize and turquoise and each color has a unique print. The pink option has magenta and deep pink color for added contrast as well as stunning gold and white trimmings that make this design pop. Despite its soft, demure look, this rug can tolerate a lot of foot traffic and it requires a minimum effort to keep it looking fresh. Just rotate it occasionally and spot clean if a mess occurs. This rug can also be professionally cleaned for occasional deep cleanings.

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