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The Potty Pillow: Inside the Black-Owned Support Cushion Revolutionizing Your Bathroom Experience

December 14, 2023 at 8:11 PM PST

Many people suffer from back pain. In fact, according to a report from the CDC, nearly 40% of Americans struggle with back pain. And depending on just how bad the pain is, it can make performing even the simplest of tasks a lot harder than necessary.

What causes back pain?

Back pain happens for a number of reasons. Most commonly, people struggle with back pain due to poor posture or injury. A sedentary lifestyle can also cause terrible back pain. This is particularly true for people who work at a desk for prolonged periods of time. But the reason for back pain can vary from person to person, especially since there are many types of back pain.

Experiencing back pain can be extremely frustrating. It can keep you from enjoying the activities that you love, such as exercising, playing sports or even just going for a walk. And when not properly addressed, acute back pain can quickly become chronic, leading to a decrease in your quality of life overall.

But fortunately, there is hope! There are many ways to treat and potentially cure your back pain, from physical therapy to medication. And for one Black-owned company, a quick solution to back pain relief lies in their innovative product: the Potty Pillow.

Image of the Potty Pillow
Photo credit: Potty Pillow

Introducing the Potty Pillow

The Potty Pillow is a pillow that provides lumbar support to your back whenever you use the restroom. This plush, yet firm pillow easily slides onto your toilet lid to promote better spinal alignment and alleviate painful symptoms.

The idea behind the Potty Pillow came to founder Rena Queen after realizing just how uncomfortable sitting on a hard toilet seat can be. She recalls that while growing up in a full house, she would often retreat to the bathroom for some much-needed peace and quiet. But when her bathroom break only left her feeling sore and achy, she couldn’t imagine how people with existing back pain and other conditions could manage. As a result, she decided to do something about it. Thus, the Potty Pillow was born.

How the Potty Pillow Revolutionizes Your Bathroom Experience

The Potty Pillow is more than just a pillow for your back, it provides exceptional lumbar support so you can maintain your comfort as you go. To learn more about it and how it works, here are some important facts about the Potty Pillow you should know.

It improves posture.

Many people slouch when they’re on the toilet, especially if they’re scrolling through their phones to pass the time. But even though slouching is comfortable, it’s terrible for your back.

But luckily, this is where the Potty Pillow comes in to help. It provides support to your back and spine to promote better posture, which reduces back pain cause by straining. On top of that, when your posture is more relaxed, so is your pelvic floor. So if you have difficulty while on the loo, a relaxed pelvic floor can help alleviate symptoms of constipation and other bowel-related concerns.

A pregnant woman using the Potty Pillow
Photo credit: Potty Pillow

It can alleviate painful pregnancy symptoms.

Pregnant women often experience back pain due to the drastic changes in hormones that affect their muscles and ligaments — and not to mention, the added weight of the baby. The good news is that the Potty Pillow provides a lot of much-needed support to soothe back pain for Mama Bears as they use the restroom, making it a great tool for any expecting or new mom.

It’s ergonomically designed.

The great thing about the Potty Pillow is that it’s designed for comfort. That means it’s ergonomically designed to perfectly cushion your back so that you can sit comfortably and properly aligned every time you go. The Potty Pillow is soft and cozy to use, but firm enough to provide the great support your back needs.



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