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Adorable Shower Curtains To Promote Bath Time Fun With Your Little Ones

June 23, 2023 at 9:46 PM PST

For a lot of parents, encouraging little ones to take a bath can be especially challenging. But by incorporating an element of fun into the bathroom, you can make bath time more enjoyable for both you and your kiddo.

How To Decorate for Bath Time Fun

Decorating a bathroom for little ones can be an exciting experience. When it comes to bathroom decor for children, the options are endless.

You should select a color scheme that adds excitement to your space. Bright colors such as red, blue, or yellow can provide an energy to the room that kids are sure to enjoy. Or if your little has a favorite color, you can incorporate it in multiple shades to make them happy and create depth and dimension.

Another way to make bath time fun is by considering a cool theme for their bathroom. There are many themes your child may enjoy, from outer space to a jungle safari. You can even incorporate their favorite TV show or movie with themed wall decals, towels, or soap dispensers.

Every parent knows that kids can be messy. Fortunately, you can prevent this by teaching your children the importance of organization with cool storage solutions. For example, a wall hook in the shape of an elephant trunk is an adorable way to teach your little one to hang up their towel instead of throwing it on the ground. And you can encourage them to put away bath toys in a colorful storage container designated for bath time use only.

Always Prioritize Safety

When it comes to decorating a space for children, it is important to ensure that the room is safe from hazards. You can do this by childproofing the bathroom with bath mats that are resistant to slipping or sticking covers over outlets to prevent little wet hands from touching unsafe electric spots.

Fun Shower Curtains Your Little Ones Are Sure To Love

Incorporating fun shower curtains into the bathroom is potentially the easiest way to make bath time more fun. Fun shower curtains come in a wide selection of colors and patterns. Plus, they can help protect your bathroom floors by keeping splashes at bay. Here are five fun shower curtains that both you and your children can enjoy:

1Sight Words Shower Curtain

Teach your little ones while giving them a bath with this colorful Sight Words Shower Curtain. Designed to engage your child, this brightly colored curtain is the perfect way to practice reading and spelling. Made from white polyester material, this shower curtain is soft and flexible. It is also lined and resistant to water to keep splashes contained. The Sight Words Shower Curtain is machine washable for your convenience.

2Rainbow Shower Curtain

This adorable Rainbow Shower Curtain from Minty Gift Shop is perfect for toddlers and small children. It features an assortment of colorful shapes, including rainbows, flowers, clouds, and suns. Made from premium polyester, it is soft and flexible. It is also resistant to water to prevent spills and falls. This shower curtain comes in a set or as a standalone product.

3Cute Crocodile Shower Curtain

For the cutest shower curtain around, try this Cute Crocodile Shower Curtain. It includes a ginormous green crocodile that is ready to make bath time more fun. This curtain is made from polyester and is resistant to wrinkling, able to maintain its shape for a long time. It also is friendly to the environment for an added sustainability factor.

4Underwater Shower Curtain

Take a deep dive under the sea with this Underwater Shower Curtain from Dream Decor Kids. It features an array of adorable sea creatures, from an octopus to jellyfish to a big blue whale. Your little ones are sure to enjoy going on an underwater adventure with this quality polyester shower curtain. You can even enhance their experience by adding a few sea-themed toys to their bathtub.

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