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Bath Smart Bathroom Devices

These Are the Smart Bathroom Devices You Need To Start Your Morning Right

August 11, 2023 at 9:13 PM PST
Bath Smart Bathroom Devices

These Are the Smart Bathroom Devices You Need To Start Your Morning Right

August 11, 2023 at 9:13 PM PST

A lot can go wrong in the mornings, from accidentally oversleeping to misplacing your keys. But the way you start your morning can have a lot to do with how the day goes. When you start your morning on the right foot, you tend to have a more productive day. And part of doing that means equipping your home with the tools you need to make your morning routine more efficient. This includes having a smart bathroom to help you with your morning tasks.

How To Start Your Morning Right with a Smart Bathroom

The bathroom plays a significant role in your morning routine. This space is where we spend the majority of our time preparing for the day. Having a bathroom equipped with the right tech can make this process easier.

For example, is there anything worse than stumbling out of bed to a cold, hard toilet seat? With a smart toilet, you can enjoy heated seats that you can adjust according to your temperature preference. Plus, many smart toilets include self-cleaning functions such as a bidet, for an easy, hands-free experience.

A smart bathroom is also the perfect help for your storage needs. Many tech-friendly bathrooms come equipped with smart cabinets with motion sensors so you can conveniently organize and store your towels, cleaning supplies, and other bathroom products with ease.

And instead of running out of toilet paper, you can save money with a smart toilet paper holder that quickly dispenses your toilet paper and tracks its usage so you know when to buy more when you need it.

Smart Bathroom Devices To Shop

With the help of a few smart bathroom devices and other tools, you can start your morning on the right foot for a productive day. Here are seven smart bathroom devices to kickstart your day:

1Smart Bathroom Mirror with LED Lights

This Smart Bathroom Mirror can make your morning and nighttime routine more convenient. For example, you can use its dimming feature to adjust the brightness for day and nighttime use. Plus, it features LED lights that perfectly complement your bathroom environment.

It has an anti-fog feature that keeps your mirror crystal clear even as you shower. And its innovative time display ensures you leave the house on time, every time.

2Single Flush Smart Toilet

For an innovative way to use the restroom, try this Single Flush Smart Toilet from Woodbridge Bath. This cool, smart toilet comes with a bidet seat complete with an adjustable water pressure setting to meet your varying needs. Its automatic flush feature is hands-free for a more convenient trip to the bathroom.

For your convenience, the toilet lid lifts up as you approach it. And to kick it up a notch, it also includes a deodorizer that uses air filters to remove offensive odors around the toilet for a fresh and clean bathroom experience.

3Touch-Free Liquid Soap Dispenser

For a clean, hands-free trip to the bathroom, try this Touch-Free Liquid Soap Dispenser from simplehuman. This small but mighty dispenser is made from stainless steel to resist waterspots, smudging, and staining

It includes a recharge plug on its backside for lasting, every day use. And you can use its convenient funnel refill opening to replace soap with hand sanitizer — perfect for setting up in your kitchen or entryway.

4Digital Shower Controller

This smart thermostat from Moen is the perfect accompaniment to your shower routine. Before you step in, set your water temperature just how you like it using its fully customize temperature controls. You can even have it alert you when your shower is ready so you never have to wait to get in. And if you're running behind schedule, this extraordinary thermostat can pause the water flow to cut costs on your water bill.

5Moxie Bluetooth Showerhead

Do you love singing in the shower? If so, this Moxie Bluetooth Showerhead is the perfect shower companion. Stream your favorite music or podcasts with its premium bluetooth speakers. You can even listen outside the bathroom with its portable speakers that easily detach from the device.

Each showerhead comes with a wireless speaker, charging dock, and charging cable to provide everything you need to take your shower karaoke to the next level. So whether you use it to listen to your morning affirmations or to catch up on your favorite morning show, this showerhead is the perfect smart device to help you start your day on the right note.

6Etekcity Smart WiFi Scale

Trying to lose weight? This smart scale from Etekcity can certainly help. This super cool scale is equipped with a complete biometric analysis. This means you can measure everything from your heart rate to your muscle mass so you can stay on top of your health journey.

Designed for convenience, this body scale lasts for three months on a single charge. And for the cherry on top — you can use its helpful app that includes an exercise plan and food diary for easier tracking.

7UV Toothbrush Holder Set

Start your morning on the right foot with this incredible UV Toothbrush Holder Set. Save space by mounting your holder on the wall for easy access to your toothbrush and toothpaste.

Its UVC sterilizer can sanitize your toothbrushes or hair razor to get rid of germs and bacteria. Even better, it includes a built-in solar panel for quick and convenient charging.

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