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5 Bathroom Storage Mistakes You're Making and How To Fix Them

Transform your bathroom by avoiding these top five storage mistakes.

January 19, 2024 at 8:52 AM PST

Our bathrooms often become the unsung heroes of home storage, becoming the resting place for everything from toiletries to those half-used bottles of lotion. But just because your bathroom can hold something, doesn’t mean it should. It’s tempting to utilize this space for more than just towels and toiletries, especially in homes where storage is at a premium.

By intentionally choosing what to store in your bathroom, you can extend the life of your belongings and maintain a healthy home environment.

Here are five items that are commonly, but mistakenly, kept in the bathroom and better storage alternatives for them.

bathroom storage
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Why Not

Despite it being a common practice, storing medicine in your bathroom cabinet is a bad idea. The heat, humidity, and fluctuating temperatures can degrade the potency and effectiveness of medications.

Better Storage

Keep your medications in a cool, dry place. A dedicated drawer or cabinet in your bedroom or kitchen, away from heat sources and sunlight, is ideal.

Makeup and Cosmetics

Why Not

Just like medications, the humidity and temperature changes in a bathroom can shorten the shelf life of your makeup and cosmetics. This can lead to skin irritations or infections, especially with products used around the eyes.

Better Storage

Store your makeup in a bedroom vanity or a similar environment where the conditions are more stable.

makeup on bathroom counter
Photo Credit: Karolina Grabowska

Electronic Devices

Why Not

Storing electronic devices like hair dryers and shavers in the bathroom may seem convenient, but the moist environment can cause damage to the devices and even pose safety hazards.

Better Storage

Store these items in a dry area, and only bring them into the bathroom when needed.


Why Not

The humidity can tarnish and damage various metals and gemstones. Also, small pieces are more prone to being lost or accidentally knocked down the drain.

Better Storage

A bedroom jewelry box or a dresser top tray is a safer place for your precious pieces.

towels in bathroom
Photo Credit: Joey Galang

Extra Towels and Linens

Why Not

While it may seem logical to store extra towels in the bathroom, the damp environment can lead to mildew and mustiness.

Better Storage

Keep spare linens and towels in a linen closet or another dry area until they’re ready to be used.



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